Tips on Stardew Valley How To get Mini-Fridge and its operation

The Mini-Fridge allows players to expand their Refrigerator storage used for cooking. It’s sold at the Carpenter’s Shop for Gold.png3,000g or received in the mail after completing “Gus’ Famous Omelet” Special Order.

Similar to how a regular Refrigerator works inside the Farmhouse, adding cooking ingredients to the Mini-Fridge allows players to cook food using any stored ingredients as if they were stored in inventory. There are 36 inventory slots inside.

The Mini-Fridge is available for purchase from Robin only after upgrading the farmhouse. The Mini-Fridge can be placed only inside the farmhouse, not including the cellar. It cannot be placed if obtained before the upgraded farmhouse. The Mini-Fridge can also be placed in the farmhouse on Ginger Island


Every recipe searches for ingredients in the following locations, always in the same order from the bottom right slot to the top left slot:

first in the player’s inventory then in the main refrigerator
finally in any Mini-Fridges

When auto-sorted with the Organize button, this bottom-right-first order will automatically consume lower quality items of the same type. However, for recipes with substitutes, place ingredients accordingly as desired towards the bottom right, in order to avoid using more valuable ingredients in less valuable recipes, or in recipes that accept a wide variety of ingredients. As an example, Tuna (which is required for Fish Taco) is accepted in Sashimi which accepts any type of fish. However, by placing a Mussel in the bottom right slot, the Mussel will be picked first and save the Tuna for the more exclusive and valuable recipe.
When searching multiple Mini-Fridges, the game picks from the last placed one in the exact chronological order in which the fridges were first placed, and then works backwards. The location of the fridge in the farmhouse does not matter..


SourceCarpenter’s Shop for 3,000g
“Gus’ Famous Omelet” Special Order
Sell PriceCannot be sold