It has been 3 weeks of hell – Peter of Psquare speaks with his family about positive tests for Covid-19

by scopenew entertainment Jun 30, 2020

Peter Okoye, a Nigerian artist popularly known as Mr P, revealed that he and his wife, daughter, and two other staff were testing coronavirus positively.

The last weeks, he says, were "hell" for him and his family when trying to cope and recover from the virus.

The former member of the deceased group Psquare on Instagram told his followers that he felt he had brought the virus to his family, adding that he felt responsible for their condition.
Mr P stated that he was “imprisoned” in a section of his home.

He told followers he was struggling to come to terms with the fact that he was unable to see or speak to his young daughter who had the virus.

"It was unfortunate that the doctor insisted in her room when she heard it that she must be self-isolated. Yet, my wife did something really brave...she said 'I can't leave this girl alone, I'd rather stay with her and get sick'"

Mr P urged people to wear their masks and follow health protocols, adding that this is one of the reasons he came out to tell Covid-19 his story.

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