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Oracene Price is well-known in the tennis community as the mother and mentor to Venus Williams and Serena Williams. Moreover, she is well-known as the ex-wife of tennis instructor Richard Williams. Many people admire her for being cool under pressure. She is widely regarded as the driving force behind her children’s interest in tennis and has been awarded with much of the credit for her daughters’ achievements. Oracene, who has encouraged her daughters to excel in their chosen fields, has frequently shown her pride in them. Oracene is not just a skilled coach and doting mother, but also an advocate for a wide range of charitable organizations and issues, for which she and her girls have traveled extensively. She is responsible, at least in part, for her daughters’ equanimity on the court because of the spiritual lessons she has taught them. Serena Williams has spoken highly of her mother, saying that she is “unbreakable” because of her unshakable character and her willingness to confront adversity hard on. The Duchess of Cambridge is another famous face Oracene has met.


Price was born in Michigan in 1952, in the city of Saginaw. Her father worked in the automotive market. She finished high school at Buena Vista in 1970 and college at Western Michigan University. From her first marriage to Yusef Rasheed, she has three daughters: Yetunde Price (1972–2003), who owned a beauty salon and was a nurse, Lyndrea Price, who makes websites, and Isha Price, who is a lawyer. Rasheed died, and Oracene married Richard Williams. She was a nurse at the time, and they had two more daughters, Venus Williams and Serena Williams. Venus and Serena are both professional tennis players with high rankings who have won many Grand Slam tournaments. She helped her husband when he started teaching tennis to Venus and Serena. Rick Macci told the Williams family that he would coach their daughters for free if they moved to Florida.

By the end of 2000, Price and her husband Richard Williams were no longer living together. In 2002, they got a divorce because they couldn’t get along. She then went back to using her maiden name, Price.

At the 2003 French Open, when Serena Williams was playing Justine Henin in the semifinals, fans booed her after she complained about a line call. Price says that he thinks the boos were because of race “As black people, we have to deal with this every day. It’s all about being in charge.” L. Jon Wertheim, a tennis writer and journalist, said of Price, “You have to respect anyone who can’t gloss or spin, who won’t lie.” At the 2001 Indian Wells tournament, Venus pulled out of a semifinal match with Serena, which caused a big fuss. Serena was then booed during the final and trophy presentation.

Price says that she is a very spiritual person. Price has also said that she is a “rampant feminist” because she doesn’t like how she thinks the media portrays women as too sexualized.

She and her daughter Serena have gone to Africa to help build schools, especially in the country of Senegal, as part of a charity.

Net worth of Oracene Price

As a career, Oracene Price is a tennis instructor at the highest level. Oracene Price is projected to have a net worth of $1.8 million by the year 2023. For the most part, her income stems from her work as a tennis coach. As of right now, she has a very sweet life. Whereas the specifics of her annual salary and income are yet to be disclosed. She paid Serena Williams $10 to buy her $310,000 home. The home’s current market worth exceeds its previous sale price by more than $100,000.

Husband and Children

Who is Oracene Price married to? Oracene Price has a partner. Yusef Rasheed, who has since died, was her first husband. From her marriage to Yusef Rasheed, she has three daughters: Yetunde Price (1972–2003), who owned a beauty salon and worked as a nurse, Lyndrae Price, who designs websites, and Isha Price, who is a lawyer. Yetunde, the oldest of Price’s five daughters, was shot in Compton, California, by someone driving by. She was hit by a bullet in the head while riding with her boyfriend, and she later died in the hospital. In 1980, after Yusef Rasheed died, she married Richard Williams. Later, in 2002, they got a divorce. She has two daughters with Richard Williams. Their names are Venus Williams and Serena Williams. Richard Williams, who was also a tennis coach, took care of his daughters and taught them how to play tennis when they were about five years old. She and her husband took their daughters out of their training academy and taught them on their own. Today, both of them are highly ranked professional tennis players who have won many Grand Slam tournaments. She hasn’t been seen with anyone since her divorce from Richard Williams. She is not a lesbian or gay.