Pitbull’s son Bryce Perez : Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Wiki, Mother and Father

Pitbull, one of the most famous rappers and singers in the United States, has a son named Bryce Parez. Pitbull is a well-known celebrity that is active in the music industries as a musician, singer and rapper. Armando Christian Perez is his full name. In addition to that, a lot of people know him as Mr. World Wide.

Wikipedia Summary

Name: Bryce Perez

Age: 19 years

Date of Birth: 5th March, 2003

Nationality: American

Profession: Unknown

Relationship: Single

Parents: PitBull and Barbara Alba

Mother: Barbara Alba

Father: Armando Christian Perez (PitBull)

Net Worth: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Instagram: Unknown

Twitter: Unknown


The 5th of March, 2003 is the day when Bryce Perez entered the world. His current age is 19 years old as of this moment. Additionally, he was born in the United States of America, specifically in the city of Miami in the state of Florida. In a similar vein, he is a citizen of the United States. In addition to that, the sign of Pisces is his astrological birthplace. In a similar vein, he adheres to the Christian faith in his religious practice. Additionally, Armando Christain Perez is their family name for his father. The same may be said for his mother, whose name is Barbara Alba.

Additionally, his father is an American rapper, singer, actor, and record producer. He was born and raised in the United States. In addition to being the offspring of his own parents, he also has a sister who goes by the name of Destiny Perez. In addition to this, when he was still a young child, his parents divorced. After that, his mother was the only person who continued to raise him. Jennifer Betances is his aunt’s name, and she is his cousin once removed. In a similar vein, his grandmother’s name is Alysha Acosta, and his grandfather’s name is Armando Perez.

In addition to that, he is still enrolled in school at the moment, specifically at the Miami Coral Park School. In a similar vein, he graduated with a diploma from South Miami Senior High School, where he completed his secondary education.


During the course of the conversation regarding his professional life, he mentioned that his father, Pitbull, is a well-known singer. He has not yet begun his professional life, opting instead to concentrate on his academic pursuits for the time being. In addition to this, Pitbull’s father is a well-known singer in his own right. In a similar vein, some of his most well-known albums are El Mariel, The Boatlift, Rebelution, Armando, Global Warming, Dale, and Climate Change.

In addition to that, he was involved throughout a number of different partnerships in 2010. Additionally, “Somos El Mundo” (We Are The World), which was performed by Emilio and Gloria Estefan, stands out among them as a particularly significant example. The song “Heart, Beat, Love” featuring Janet Jackson is another example. In addition, “Armada Latin” on the album “Rise Up” with Cypress Hill, a legend of Latin rap; “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love” with “Usher”; and “All Night Long” with Alexandra Burke. The following day, November 2, 2010, saw the release of his fifth studio album, titled “Armando.” In addition to that, this was his very first album recorded in Spanish.

Additionally, he collaborated with Jennifer Lopez on two singles that were included on her album titled “Love?”, which was released in April of 2011. The following day, June 21, 2011, saw the release of his sixth studio album, which was titled “Planet Pit.” In addition, the debut single “Hey Baby,” which featured T-Pain, became an instant massive success almost immediately after its release.

In a similar vein, after Lil Wayne insulted Pitbull in 2013, Pitbull responded by releasing a diss track directed at Wayne. In addition, the eighth of his albums, titled “Globalization,” was published on November 24, 2014, and around the same time, singles such as “Wild, Wild Love,” “Time of Our Lives,” and “Fireball” were released.

Relationship Status of Bryce Perez

Bryce Perez is not dating anyone at the present time and does not have a significant other. In addition, his father Pitbull is in a relationship with Barbara Alba, however the two parties have not discussed the circumstances behind the beginning of their partnership.

Height and Weight of Bryce Perez

It is not possible to determine Bryce Perez’s height from the available information. In addition to that, the information regarding his weight is currently unknown. As was the case with his body dimensions, his dress size, shoe size, hip size, chest size, and waist size have not yet been updated. In addition to that, both his hair and his eyes are completely dark.

Birthday and Age of Bryce

Bryce Perez was born on a Wednesday, hence his birthday is on March 5th, 2003. He was born that day. He will be 19 years old this year. Bryce was born under the sign of the fish, the Pisces, and his birth flower is the Jonquil.

Net Worth of Bryce

Are all of you pleased to learn about this well-known celebrity having a child? Don’t worry about it, but we don’t have any information regarding his net worth because he still lives with his parents and is dependent on them for support and income. On the other hand, it is estimated that his father’s net worth as of the year 2022 is one hundred million dollars.