Reasons for the Recruitment Problem in the Blockchain Industry

Ruby McKenzie
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There is a growing list of industries that are powered by blockchain technology. The list include banking, healthcare, data storage, real estate, insurance, supply chain, and logistics, just to name a few. The implication is that more talent is needed to implement and sustain blockchain operations across these industries.

Unfortunately, this industry is beset by a recruitment crisis. As a consequence of this, many players are left with little or no talent to oversee their blockchain powered operations. You can read this article to better understand how bad the crisis is. Anyone wondering why this is the case can find the right answers here in this article.

Reasons Why the Blockchain Industry Has a Talent Deficit

Explained below are a couple of reasons why the industry lacks the right amount of talent to implement and sustain this technology:

The Industry Is Booming at an Unprecedented Rate

This technology is relatively new. But despite this, its popularity and relevance have reached a point where the talents needed to sustain and implement its ideals are very hard to come by.

Many industries are aware of the myriad benefits that implementing this technology offers. As a result, they are incorporating it at an unprecedented rate. Sadly, the number of experts currently available to help incorporate this technology is nowhere near what the industry requires.

This gap needs to be breached to resolve the recruitment crisis that many businesses across various industries are dealing with. More attention needs to be paid to institutions that train blockchain professionals to ensure that progress is made.

The Complexities of Becoming an Expert

Becoming an expert in this field requires a lot. Experts need to possess a unique skill set. For example, knowledge of not just one, but a bunch of programming languages is needed for a blockchain development professional.

These programming languages would include JavaScript, Python, and Solidity. This is highly required for building applications that are decentralized, as well as conducting several other operations possible with this technology.

The Shortcoming of the Educational Sector

Many parties would have to do a lot to solve this recruitment crisis. The educational system is very high on that list. The problem with it is that its traditional approach makes it difficult to train people in blockchain technology fields.

A more contemporary and hands-on approach will be needed to get the job done. A couple of institutions are moving in this direction and they are doing a remarkable job at it. However, a lot more institutions need to get on board to help resolve this recruitment crisis.

Lack of Investment

Two kinds of investments are needed to help tackle this problem – financial and intellectual. Various parties must be willing to part with their money to ensure that more institutions are well-equipped to train people in various blockchain technology fields.

Money also needs to be invested to ensure that more people undertake the needed courses and programs, enabling them to become experts. Various stakeholders such as corporations that engage blockchain talents and government at all levels need to buy into this.

Intellectual investment is also required as mentioned. Employers of these talents are the most important in this regard. They need to see professionals trained in traditional institutions as raw and should be willing to offer more practical training. Everything as regards training cannot be left to institutions that offer programs and courses in blockchain technology.

Need for More Blockchain-Based Recruitment Services

The blockchain industry is unlike many other industries in several ways. As a result, the rules that apply to recruiting people to function in other industries do not necessarily apply to this industry. This is why the average recruitment service may not be able to do a good job handling the recruitment of blockchain talents.

Fortunately, there are a couple of specialized service providers for this purpose. You can check out theblockchain for more information about this. However, there is a need for more of these kinds of recruitment services. This will ensure that the right people are engaged in the industry.


New and increasingly relevant as it is, the blockchain industry is facing a problem that needs to be resolved quickly. We’ve discussed the issue of insufficient number of talents available to fill the industry needs. We’ve also looked at the reasons for this, proffering solutions that need to be seriously considered to resolve this state of affairs.

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