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Samuel Ryan Springsteen is a well-known firefighter in the United States as well as a celebrity kid. The fact that Samuel Ryan Springsteen is the son of Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa has brought him a great deal of notoriety.

Wiki Summary

NameSamuel Ryan Springsteen
Date of BirthJanuary 15, 1994
Age29 years
ProfessionFire services/ Firefighter
Net worthB/N $ 1 and $5 million


Samuel Ryan Springsteen is more commonly referred to by his nickname Sam, and he has achieved a great deal of notoriety. Her parents, Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa, are both well-known artists in their own right. She got their musical talent from them.

In a similar vein, he has a brother by the name of Evan James Springsteen who is the eldest, and a sister named Jessica Rae Springsteen (elder sister). His sister is a well-known equestrian who has competed for the United States Equestrian Team in the past. In addition to that, she holds the title of best rider in show jumping.

In addition, Sam earned his bachelor’s degree from Bard College where he studied for four years. This person’s personality is a product of their mixed ancestry, which includes elements of Dutch, Irish, Italian, and so on.


Since he was a young boy, Samuel has had the consistent goal of one day working in the fire service. In the year 2019, he was finally able to accomplish his desire. As a direct result of this, he was appointed as a fireman in the state of New Jersey, which was a particularly joyous event for the family. And from that day on, this public figure has made his life’s work out of the process of preventing the loss of millions of lives.

In reference to his mother, Patti’s full name is Vivienne Patricia Scialfa. She was named after his grandmother. Famous in the United States as a singer-songwriter and guitarist, she was born in the United States. Patti first joined the E Street Band in 1984 and has been there ever since. This famous individual was recognized for their contributions to the music industry by being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in the same year (2014) as a member of the E Street Band.

In reference to his father, Bruce’s full name is Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen. This name was passed down through his grandfather. He is widely regarded as one of the best songwriters, singers, and musicians in the United States. This famous person has recorded a total of 20 studio albums, the majority of which feature the E Street Band as his backup group. This incredible performer is credited for helping to pioneer the musical genre known as heartland rock, which combines elements of traditional rock music with country music influences.

In addition, this person’s career has spanned six decades, and he has become well-known for his lyrical compositions that are poetic and socially conscious, as well as for his energizing performances on stage, which may run for as long as four hours at a time. The term “the Boss” has been given to Bruce over the years. In addition, this singer is considered one of the most successful musicians in the world due to the fact that he has sold over 150 million records all over the world and over 64 million albums in the United States alone. This makes him one of the best-selling music artists in the history of the industry.


At this time, Samuel does not have a spouse. As a result, this public figure does not discuss his dating life or reveal any of his personal details, including whether or not he is dating. It is possible that this guy has been in relationships with gorgeous women and has had a number of girlfriends to date due to the fact that he is physically attractive and possesses a pleasant personality.

Because Sam is such a dashing hunk, it is not out of the question to assume that he is carrying on romantic relationships with other stunning women. On the other hand, in the year 2014, his mother posted a picture of him on her Instagram account with a girl named Emilie Winter and referred to her as her son’s girlfriend.

In addition, Sam and Emilie can be seen laughing and hugging one other in the photo. Nevertheless, it is not entirely evident whether or not they are a pair; however, judging from the caption, it is conceivable that they are.

Height and Weight

There is no information available regarding Sam’s height, weight, or any of his other bodily measures. However, both his height and weight are about average for someone of his age and gender. In addition, he has gorgeous eyes that are a dark brown color and brown hair. As a result of this person’s occupation as a firefighter, they have a healthy and powerful bodily physique.

Net Worth

This person comes from an affluent family and enjoys a pampered and carefree lifestyle as a result. However, due to the fact that Sam is a firefighter, he has successfully earned sufficient money to fulfill all of his requirements. Regrettably, there is no information regarding his exact net worth that can be found. However, according to a number of different reports, Sam’s net worth is somewhere between $1 million and $5 million.

Age and Date of Birth

He was born in the United States on January 5th, 1994. Currently, he is 29 years old, and the sign of Capricorn is said to be his zodiac.

Samuel Ryan Springsteen FAQ

How old is Samuel Ryan Springsteen?

He is 29 years old and was born on 15th of January, 1994.

What is the astrological sign of Samuel Ryan Springsteen?

He was born under the star sign of Capricorn.

What is Samuel Ryan Springsteen net worth?

His net worth as of now is estimated to be between $1 and $5 million.

Is Samuel Ryan Springsteen single?

Yes he is and nothing is unknown about his past relationships.