Shannon Sharpe Biography, Career Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Relationship

Shannon is one of the American most successful sports analyst. He is best known as a football tight end of Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens in the NFL. To talk of His work as a Sport Analyst : He once worked with two Television sport shows known as Fox Sports 1 with Skip Bayless and CBS sports on NFL telecast. Aside he being a sport analyst, he is also considered as a Football Hall of Fame and a three times Super Bowl Champion.


Shannon was born in Chicago, IIIionis United State of America. Shannon Sharpe had the chance to school in high school and collage though, he was from a poor home with divorced parents. He went to the high school of Glennville, Georgia. What made Shannon as one of the all time best football players in the NFL was when He join his high school football team and ended up being an all time state player in three sports at his high school. As said earlier on He was a three times all best in the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference taking from 1987 to 1989 and also won other awards like SIAC player of the year in 1987.


Shannon Sharpe is an Illinoisan who was born on the 26th of June 1968. The name of Shannon Sharpe’s
biological parent were Pete Sharpe His Father and Mary Alice Dixon His mother . Thou His parents got
divorced when he was at the 3 years as a child but wasn’t said whether he got the chance to see His real
dad. He lived with his elder brother and sister, and they were raised by their grandparents in Glennville,
Georgia who was known as Mary Porter. later on their dad dead with lung cancer.


Shannon once was in a long term relationship with his ex-girlfriend who is known to be working as a
flywheel fitness instructor, the name of Sharpe’s ex-girlfriend is called Katy Kellner. They were together
on several meet ups in Los Angeles for a longer periods and later intended to get married in 2016.
They later on got engaged as it was said earlier on and breakup after two years when Shannon got to find
out that His girlfriend’s child was a fitness instructor whose name was known to be as Marlon Byrd.
This called for a breakup, however Shannon was a of three children named as Kayla and Kaley his two
daughters and his son known to be Kiari .His three children were from his previous relationship with three
different parent when he was living in both Georgia and Florida.


Shannon Sharpe’s height is said to be 6 fit to 2In that is 1.88m and His weight is said to be of 228Ibs that
is 103kg.


In spite of His best performance as a three times all best football player, He was picked in NFL Draft in
1990 when moved to collage. He went on to play in the division two college football but because of his
weight which was 6.2 to 230 pound his team could tell whether, He could be a receiver or tight ender in
football. He begun to set amazing records even in his youth stage by been the 7th round with 19 seconds
picked up by the Denver Broncos. Afterwards he became a receiver and was able to catch 29 passes in
different games. Later on Denver his collage team converted him into a tight ender. Sharpe was able to
catch 53 passes in the third season league.

Sharpe was later allowed to join the Pro football Hall of fame in August 6 ,2011 and ended up playing
about 12 seasons for the Broncos from 1990 to 2003 and later went onto join the Ravens for two years.
After joining the Ravens, He won three super bowls for himself and also got the NFL all-time leader as
his career ends as an American footballer and later became a sports analyst in the 2016.


Twitter: @ShannonSharpe

Instagram: shannonsharpe84


Currently Sharpe is best known for hosting one of the best sporting shows on Fox Sports 1 with Skip
Bayless. Shannon Sharpe’s net worth is approximately $8 million.