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Sheryl Wilbon is a well-known American attorney who has had previous experience working in the legal field. The fact that she is married to Michael Wilbon, an American broadcaster and journalist who has worked in the past covering sports, is the key reason why she is famous. Michael has received a great deal of notice for his work in the business world as a result of his appearances as a co-host and commentator on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption.


1965 was the year that Sheryl Wilbon made her entrance into the world. She is currently 58 years old at the time of this writing. In the same vein, she was born in Washington, D.C., in the United States.
Regarding her father and mother, there is not a lot of information that is publicly available. Sheryl has been very reticent about discussing the specifics of her family. In addition, she has not yet provided the media with any information regarding her younger siblings.

When it comes to her nationality, she is an American, but the question of her ethnicity is still being investigated.

The attorney went to Duke University, which is located in Durham, North Carolina, and received her Juris Doctor degree there in the year 1992. This information pertains to her educational background. In addition, she attended the University of Virginia, where she studied international relations as her primary concentration.


After finishing her education, Sheryl went straight into her law profession and remained there for a good number of years. Within a relatively short amount of time, she was able to achieve remarkable success in her work as a lawyer. Her clients were never made to feel unhappy by the points of debate or facts she presented against the wrongdoers.

Additionally, Wilbon did not work in her field for a considerable amount of time after she began it. The attorney had a relatively brief career yet was able to attain a great deal of achievement.
Sheryl eventually made the decision to give up her career after she got married so that she could focus on taking care of her family. At this point in time, she is a housekeeper on a full-time basis.

On the other side, her husband Michael began his career as a journalist in 1980 and worked for the Washington Post. While there, he covered college sports, Major League Basketball, the National Football League, and the National Basketball Association.
Michael has covered twelve Olympic Games for the Washington Post, including both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

In addition to that, he has covered each and every Super Bowl game since 1987, and practically each and every Final Four game since 1982.


Sheryl and Michael Wilbon have remained wedded to one another since their wedding day. They first became friends over a very long period of time, and finally, that friendship led to the development of a romantic relationship between the two of them. Prior to their wedding, which took place on April 9, 1997, they had been seeing each other for a period of time spanning a number of years.

Their wedding was a lovely occasion at which only their most dear friends, relatives, and other members of their immediate family were present to celebrate with them. The Wilsons have experienced an incredible amount of happiness since the birth of their child. They determined that the 26th of March 2008 would be the best day for the birth of Matthew Raymond Wilbon.
There is complete tranquility and harmony present across the entirety of the household. Since that fateful day, Sheryl and Michael have been unable to tear themselves away from one another. There are no indicators that they are considering getting a divorce or engaging in extramarital activities, and they continue to have a pleasant life together. Because Sheryl is very private about her personal life, the specifics of her previous love connections are currently unknown. Sheryl’s preference for privacy in this area makes it difficult for others to learn about them.

Weight and Height

Sheryl Wilbon has a personality that is really admirable in addition to her amazing excellent looks. She has not divulged her exact height, but based on her appearance, it is safe to assume that she is over 5 feet tall. In addition to this, Wilbon has brown eyes, which match the color of her hair, which is also brown. Despite this, the former attorney has not yet made any further disclosures to the wider public regarding any additional physical information.

Age and Date of Birth

The year 1965 marked Sheryl Wilbon’s introduction to the world as she made her debut that year. As of the time this article was written, she is 58 years old at the present moment. In the same vein, she was born in the United States of America, namely in the D.C of Washington.

Net Worth

Sheryl’s career as a lawyer has brought in a substantial amount of revenue for her, which she has been able to put to good use.

It is estimated that she has a net worth of between half a million and one million dollars. On the other hand, her husband Michael has an approximate net worth of sixteen million dollars.

Wiki Summary

NameSheryl Wilbon
Age58 years
Date of Birth1965
Net Worth$500k – $1million
Height5 feet