Should You Get a Touchscreen Laptop? Weighing the Pros and Cons

Ruby McKenzie
4 Min Read

There are numerous things you should consider when shopping for a new laptop. Perhaps you want a productivity machine, a regular laptop, or want to play the latest games. A touch screen is something a lot of people do not think about, but it can be incredibly useful to have in your new laptop. Let’s weigh the pros and cons to see if you should get a laptop with one.

Easier and Faster Navigation

You can navigate your whole computer using a mouse or a trackpad. However, a touchscreen gives you an additional way to navigate between files and folders as well as different applications. You can perform actions easier without reaching over to your mouse. A touch screen also makes it easier to launch applications, and you can always use the touchscreen in case the mouse or touchpad stops working.

Drawing and Note-taking

If you draw a lot or take lots of notes, a touchscreen laptop is a great option for you. Many graphic designers and artists prefer to draw directly on their screens, especially if the screen is fast enough and responsive. There are also lots of laptops that come with a stylus to make this a lot easier. Artists and designers can take their laptops and stylus and work from anywhere at their convenience.

A touchscreen and stylus can also be a powerful combination for students. They do not have to carry around notebooks for their classes, and they can sketch concepts instead of taking notes for review later.

High-quality, Brighter, and More Expressive Displays

Because of how manufacturers expect them to be used, touchscreen laptops typically come with bright screens that have fantastic color accuracy, vibrancy, and reproduction. For example, when you compare a non-touchscreen and touchscreen laptop, you will notice you gain a few Nits by switching to the latter.

You will also notice that a lot of touchscreen laptop models have high-resolution and anti-glare screens. This is to ensure they can be used in different conditions. These features are available in Lenovo custom laptops where you can choose the features you want, including whether you want a touchscreen.

Faster Battery Drain

The touch panel introduces new components that the computer has to power. Additionally, their higher brightness means touchscreen laptops consume a lot more power. The result is faster battery drain which might not be appealing to most people. This means you might have to carry a charger around or have a spare battery with you if you would like to use the laptop for extended periods.


The touchscreen and touch panel are additional components whose cost is factored in when deciding the cost of the laptop. Additionally, the better higher-resolution screens used in these laptops add to the cost of purchasing one.


The extra technology adds bulk and weight. Granted, it is only a few grams, but that is noticeable in light laptops.

A touchscreen laptop is a great option for creatives and people who would like an extra way of navigating their computers. Their screens are also brighter and better for content consumption. However, these laptops have pros and cons that you cannot ignore when considering them.

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