Simon Britton Biography, Quick Facts, Age

Simon Britton is one of the most well-known social media figures. This YouNow sensation has more than 2 million followers who proudly call themselves Simonkey despite just being in the industry for two years. He’s all over social media sites like YouNow, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, among others. Surprisingly, what now appears to be Simon’s most ‘appropriate’ job was not originally planned. Simon, a soccer expert, took his hand at broadcasting ‘just for fun,’ but it turned out to be his true calling. He was enthralled by the idea that his occupation allowed him to make others happy and grin, and he was ecstatic that the job allowed him to do so. His films frequently feature his friends and family members and are primarily focused on the family. The majority of the videos he posts are humorous and relatable. Simon has incorporated a lot of characters into his videos, the majority of which he voices himself, whether it’s the girl voice ‘Rachael’ or the nerdy guy ‘Steven.’ His fame has progressively grown as he treads the path to becoming the internet’s biggest social media star, despite the fact that he is only two years old!

Quick Facts

Birthday: June 23, 1999

Age: 22 Years, 22 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Cancer

Born Country: United States

Born In: Brownsburg, Indiana, USA

Famous As: Social Media Personality

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Simon Britton was already a soccer sensation in Indiana when he joined YouNow. He was eager to interact with his audience, and he considered broadcasting on social media platforms as a different option to explore. What began as a casual feat and a ‘just for fun’ activity quickly evolved into a job! Simon Britton now has over 2 million followers across all of his social media channels, including around 300K on Instagram, 50K on YouTube, more than 70K on Twitter, and 280K on YouNow. Simonkey, as his followers and supporters refer to him, has received a lot of acclaim and gratitude for his ‘family friendly’ broadcasts and videos, which frequently feature excellent friends, family members, and loving pets. His broadcasts are relatable because he shares from the heart and has no qualms about being stupid or funny, which sets him apart from the rest of the social media stars. He’s added some variety to his posts by injecting a couple of characters that he voices himself – the female ‘Rachael’ and the nerdy guy ‘Steven.’ Simon’s love for making people smile and entertaining his audience is evident in his social media family, which is constantly growing in size. By touring with Bravefest, Touring on Impact, and Boys of Summer in 2016, Simon was able to meet as many fans as possible.

What Makes Simon Britton Special

For someone who had already had his foot steady at the game of soccer, getting into social media seemed trivial! But being funny and silly that he is Simon soon found his real calling in it. Today, he has an extended family of his own in social media, his fans and supporters who call themselves Simonkey. What started as a ‘just for fun’ activity soon transformed into a profession as Simon realized that he really enjoyed connecting with his audience and had a passion for entertaining others and making them happy. The fact that as a social media star he gets an opportunity to tour the country and meet his fans and supporters face to face also makes him excited and keyed up. Only a few can claim to give up on their happiness and instead make others smile, giggle and smirk, their life’s objective! And that is what differentiates this teen soccer and social media star from the rest.

Beyond Fame

Simon Britton is known for his role as a social media personality and for his hilarious uploads and videos on YouNow and YouTube, but he is more than simply an internet personality. He is regarded as one of Indiana’s best soccer players. Simon Britton focused his efforts on playing soccer before moving to submitting videos to social media sites. He’s been involved in the sport since he was four years old. He is an expert player who is well-versed in the game’s strategies and tricks. Britton, a soccer player, only discovered his passion for sharing films and photos to social networking platforms during the summer of 2014. It quickly became his passion and, eventually, his vocation. Though his current celebrity stems from his status as a social media star, no one can dispute that his soccer talents are also deserving of praise!

Behind The Curtains

Simon Britton was born on June 23, 1999 in Brownsburg, Indiana to Lori and Rick Britton. He has two sister siblings, Emily and Sophie Britton. As a child, Simon loved playing soccer. Still early in his career, Britton is one of the most loved social media sensations and has a string of popular videos on YouTube and YouNow. However, of all the videos posted by him, the ones’ titled ‘Whisper Challenge’ and ‘Whipped Cream and Gummy Worm Challenge’ are most popular.

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