Tips On Stardew Valley How to find Slingshot And How Its Works

The Slingshot is a slingshot weapon that can be obtained from the chest on level 40 of The Mines. After that, it can be purchased at the Adventurer’s Guild for 500g. Despite its description, many items other than Stone can be used as Slingshot ammunition.

Unlike most weapons, using a slingshot on a villager will decrease friendship with them by 30 points. Using a slingshot on the cat or dog will produce a “hate” dialogue bubble, but will not decrease friendship.


To equip a slingshot with ammunition, select the ammunition, then Right-Click on the slingshot.

The type of ammunition used determines the damage dealt, according to the following formulas :

With the worst ammo (i.e., Fruits, Vegetables, or Eggs), a Slingshot can deal 1-3 and a Master Slingshot can deal 2-6 damage. With the best ammo, Iridium Ore, a Slingshot can deal 25-101 damage while a Master Slingshot can deal 50-202 damage.

The following items can be used as ammunition

ItemAmmo MultiplierSlingshot DamageMaster sling shot damaged
All Fruits • All Vegetables • All Eggs11-32-6
Copper Ore105-2110-42
Explosive Ammo2010-4120-82
Gold Ore3015-6130-122
Iridium Ore5025-10150-202
Iron Ore2010-4120-82
Stone 553-116-22


The clipping glitch that allows the player to enter the normally unreachable space around a map area does not work with slingshots.

sourceChest at Level 40 of The Mines
DamageDepends on ammo used
Critical Strike Chance02
Purchase Price500g
sel pricecannot be sold