Stardew Valley Farm Planner, Tips and Tricks to Make Your Farm Organized and Effective

Stardew Valley farm is a very important part of the game and that is why in this article I am going to give you 12 tips and tricks on designing your Stardew Valley farm in house, including some new 1.5 features.

Where to Get Furniture and Decorations for your Stardew Valley Farm

So first of all, a quick rundown on where you can get all kinds of furniture or decorations for your Stardew Valley farm. The furniture catalog can give you limitless access to most furniture in the game and you can buy it for 200,000 gold from Robin Shop. The catalog from the general store does the same for wallpapers and floor decorations for 50,000 Gold. Otherwise, all the catalog items can randomly appear in their respective stores every day but for all our items you can buy or trade them from various NPCs or craft them or you can get them as rewards from hard events the green game or the museum or you can get them from progressing the story, certain achievements, Finishing secret notes and some new secret 1.5 Fishing swaps.

Finally, you can also buy many of them for festivals especially the night market and 1.5 even added new shops for some of the festivals like the dance of the moonlight jellies in case you didn’t know, if you want some convenience and don’t mind mods, use something like the CGB items bar instead. It actually has a search and filter function versus the very sluggish interface of the catalogs of course you have to decide for yourself if you think that’s cheating or too tempting to spawn other items as well. In the end, it’s all about having fun no matter how you decide to play the game. Now let’s get into the actual tips and tricks, but of course remember that some of them are just my opinion of what I think is helpful, or aesthetically pleasing to make your Stardew Valley Farm.

Take Screenshots of Your Stardew Valley Farm Regularly.

Not only is this a good way to track the progress of your farm and to make a before and after to share on social media, but it also just helps zoom out and look at it from a different angle once in a while. It’s a common thing to do for any artistic activity. Just remember that the farm that might look good zoomed out doesn’t have to look good from up-close. For example, you can draw patterns or pictures with paths and other items that look great in screenshots, but from up-close it might not be what you imagined. So just keep this in mind. on PC, you can enable zoom buttons on your Stardew Valley Farm to quickly zoom in and out to get a better view of your farm or your house. This is also useful for other activities like mining. Secondly, you could type /mapscreenshot myfarm 100 into the chat so you don’t have to go to the option menu every time.

Use Paths or Fences to Create Small Spaces Like Gardens or Parks.

This will really help to organize your farm and fill in empty spaces. You don’t even have to fully fenced spaces in a small indent can already make it look like a separate place. You can also do this inside your farmhouse orchards and in that case there’s also the option of using the new floor dividers, tables, or fish tanks, fill these newly created spaces with furniture, crops, light sources or even garden pots. Also don’t be afraid to mix and match different fence types and floors. I personally really like to mix hardwood fences with standard wood fences and wooden floors with wouldn’t pass.

You Can Move the Greenhouse and The Shipping Bin on Your Stardew Valley Farm.

It’s a new 1.5 feature and it will really help you remove some restrictions and how you can design your farm. Generally, don’t be afraid to move buildings around to see how it looks like. Remember, it doesn’t cost any gold, you can move buildings into an unused corner to kind of swap them around or to later decide where you want to place them. And if Robins shop is unavailable, you can always go to the wizard tower, if you’ve unlocked it.

Paint Buildings

If you didn’t know, in 1.5, you can paint some buildings if they’re at a certain upgrade level. Admittedly I haven’t used it much yet, but I just wanted to mention it.

Place Patches of Grass Around Trees Next to Paths of you Stardew Valley Farm

You can place grass starters everywhere, even inside buildings or untellable spots or even the mines but they won’t spread. Let’s keep in mind that the grass will disappear when the season changes from fall to winter even inside buildings.

Tip; during the winter you can actually place grass without it disappearing even though it won’t spread until spring arrives. Once again, a matter of taste but you can also overdo this. Some people prefer a less crowded looking farm.

Try New Things

You could for example, recreate a town hall from intercrossing, think of things in real life movies or other media, just type things into Google. Places like tea shops, gardens, restaurants, aquariums and so on, try to recreate them with the limited tools in Stardew Valley, and keep reiterating until you are happy and if something resembles what you imagined.

Different Types of Buildings

Let’s talk about all the different types of buildings to give you found some variety. This includes the mill, fish ponds, additional shipping bins and especially a farm and cabins which all have a very unique look and can even be upgraded if you play multiplayer. Fish ponds colors can also change for certain fish types like lava eels and super cucumbers. And if you put gems or minerals into your house, you can make the junimo change color.

Stardew Valley 1.5 Fish Tank

Once again, a new feature of 1.5 fish tanks is super cool and can have so much variety, you can place them at the walls or use them to create spaces and you can put in a different number of fish and decorations into every type of fish tank. I prefer to always put in a stone, seaweed, a coral and a sea urchin. but you can be as creative as you want.

Use Some Variety of Crops Including Giant Crops

Just as a decoration next to sheds or other buildings, let’s remember that you can still keep your big field of ancient fruits for profit somewhere else on your farm. Regarding giant crops in your Stardew Valley Farm, free types of crops that can become giant and every free time free square of these crops in Stardew Valley Farm has a 1% chance of becoming a giant crop overnight if it’s grown and watered. It also counts overlapping tiles for even bigger chance this still might take a while but I think it’s worth the effort because they will stay there forever.

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