Stardew Valley Fortune Teller, View Your Lucks For The Day

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Stardew Valley Fortune Teller is similar to real life where you sometimes would wish to have a great fortune teller to tell you how the fortunes of your day is going to be. Well in Stardew Valley, There is a fortune teller that is able to tell you your daily fortunes in advance even before you move out of your house. Keep on reading to know more about Stardew Valley Fortune Teller.

How to Access Stardew Valley Fortune Teller

When the game begins, players have access to a television in their farmhouse. There are numerous channels with content that varies on a daily basis.

On regular maps, players begin with a Budget TV, while non-standard maps begin with a Floor TV. The Carpenter’s Shop has more televisions available. The larger Plasma TV becomes accessible after the first farmhouse improvement. Televisions can be purchased from the Furniture Catalogue as well.

TV Channels and Content in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller, named Welwick, tells the player what the player’s Luck will be like today.

Livin’ Off The Land

Livin’ Off The Land is a channel that plays every Monday and Thursday, which gives the player a tip related to farming, fishing, foraging, or town life. There are no new episodes after the end of year 2; the show plays re-runs on a 2-year cycle thereafter.

Weather Report

The weather forecast for the next day is given in the weather report. The forecast is updated after employing a Rain Totem to reflect any changes. Knowing when it’s going to rain is very useful because crops won’t need to be watered then. As a result, even if the watering can is turned in for an upgrade today, crop irrigation will continue.

When Ginger Island is unlocked, KOZU-5 will show the island forecast right after the Stardew Valley forecast.

The Queen of Sauce

The television channel “The Queen of Sauce” teaches the player how to cook. For the first two years of the game, starting with Spring 7, a new recipe airs every Sunday. A random dish that previously appeared on a Sunday airs as a “Re-run” on Wednesday. If the player does not know the recipe, simply watching the channel will teach them. The rotation of Sunday recipes repeats on a 2-year schedule.


Now that you know all the contents the TV provides in your room, you can now use them as an when they are needed. Checking the Stardew Valley Fortune Teller is an important thing to do in the morning to guide you throughout your day.

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