Stardew Valley Pierre; Hearts Events, Gifts, Likes And Dislikes, Relationship

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Between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Pierre can be seen managing his general store (except Wednesday when the store is closed). He leaves the store counter each day after work and walks around his house. He walks to the saloon on Friday evenings after work to mingle, assuming it is not raining. Pierre does not leave his house except for Friday evenings, festivals, and activities.

His store will no longer be closed on Wednesdays after the Community Center has been fully rebuilt, and will instead be open every day of the week.

On days that the Beach Resort is open, Pierre is welcome to visit. The General Store will remain open while Pierre is at the Beach Resort. Purchases will be possible, but he will not be working behind the counter.

Summary of Stardew Valley Pierre

Birth DaySpring 26
Lives inPelican Town
AddressPierre’s General Store
FamilyCaroline(Wife) and Abigail(Daughter)
Best GiftsFried Calamari


Regular Schedule

7:00AMIn the aisles of the general store.
8:30AMGoes to stand behind the counter of the general store.
5:00PMLeaves the counter and stands in the aisles again.
7:00PMGoes to the kitchen in his house.
9:00PMGoes to his room and stands in front of the bookcase.
11:00PMGoes to sleep.

If it rains on a Friday, Pierre will stick to his “Regular Schedule,” which can be found above.

Friday(Not Raining)

7:00AMIn the aisles of the general store.
8:30AMGoes to stand behind the counter of the general store.
5:00PMGoes to The Stardrop Saloon and stands in front of the counter.
10:50PMReturns home to sleep.


Behind his shop, Pierre and his wife Caroline reside with their daughter Abigail. He engages with other villagers at the saloon on Friday evenings, but he primarily interacts with people at his business throughout the rest of the week.

JojaMart and Morris’ attempts to entice his clients away from the business make him feel threatened, and he worries that he won’t be able to make as much money as a result.

As depicted in a few cutscenes, he has a poor relationship with Abigail owing to their differing beliefs.


You can give Pierre up to two gifts per week (plus one on his birthday), depending on whether you want to increase or decrease his friendship with you. Gifts on his birthday (Spring 26) will have an 8 effect and feature a one-of-a-kind conversation.

For loved or liked gifts, Pierre will say

A birthday gift? That’s very kind of you! I love it.

You remembered my birthday! Thank you. This is great!

For neutral gifts, Pierre will say

Oh, a birthday gift! Thank you.

For disliked or hated gifts, Pierre will say

Oh… It’s for my birthday? … Thanks.


This is my all-time favorite! Thank you!

All Universal love
Fried CalamariIt’s so chewyCookingSquid(1), Wheat Flour(1) and Oil(1)


That’s very kind of you. I like this.

* All Universal Likes (except Corn, Garlic, Foraged Minerals, Gems other than Diamond & Prismatic Shard, Parsnip Soup, & Tortilla)
* All Eggs (except Void Egg)
*All Milk
DaffodilA traditional spring flower that makes a nice gift.Foraging – Spring
DandelionNot the prettiest flower, but the leaves make a good salad.Foraging – Spring

Note: Dinosaur Eggs are considered Artifacts rather than Eggs when it comes to giving.


A present? Thanks!

* All Universal Neutrals
* All Fruit (except Fruit Tree Fruit & Salmonberry)


This isn’t exactly my favorite…

* All Universal Dislikes (except Fish)
* All Foraged Minerals
* All Gems (other than Diamond & Prismatic Shard)
ChanterelleA tasty mushroom with a fruity smell and slightly peppery flavor.Foraging – Fall
Common MushroomSlightly nutty, with good texture.Foraging – Fall
GingerThis sharp, spicy root is said to increase vitality.Foraging – Ginger Island
HazelnutThat’s one big hazelnut!Foraging – Fall
HollyThe leaves and bright red berries make a popular winter decoration.Foraging – Winter
LeekA tasty relative of the onion.Foraging – Spring
Magma CapA very rare mushroom that lives next to pools of lava.Foraging – Volcano Dungeon
MorelSought after for its unique nutty flavor.Foraging – Spring
SalmonberryA spring-time berry with the flavor of the forest.Foraging – Spring
Purple MushroomA rare mushroom found deep in caves.Foraging – The Mines
Snow YamThis little yam was hiding beneath the snow.Foraging – Winter
Wild HorseradishA spicy root found in the spring.Foraging – Spring
Winter RootA starchy tuber.Foraging – Winter


Please, never bring this to me again.

* All Universal Hates
* All Fish
CornOne of the most popular grains. The sweet,
fresh cobs are a summer favorite.
Crops – Summer, Fall
GarlicAdds a wonderful zestiness to dishes.
High quality garlic can be pretty spicy.
Crops – Spring (years 2+)
Parsnip SoupIt’s fresh and hearty.CookingParsnip(1)
TortillaCan be used as a vessel for food or eaten by itself.CookingCorn (1)

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