The Future of E-Commerce Tracking and Logistics

Ruby McKenzie
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E-commerce has already gained popularity beyond expectations. It’s equally beneficial for the manufacturers and the consumers. With unprecedented advancements in technologies and their use in package delivery systems, e-commerce is likely to go beyond the next level, in coming years.

Track my package has already been made so easy. With an efficient tracking package system, you can now track your package right from the warehouse to the doorstep of the consumers. Consumers now prefer to shop online. Experts are forecasting that in the next two decades, online shopping will get more than 90% share of the consumer market. This trend is sufficient evidence to predict that the future of e-commerce is quite optimistic, provided, it adopts the current and upcoming technologies.

Let’s explore what changes are expected in e-commerce tracking and logistics in the coming days.

Innovations in tracking and logistics

The package delivery business can be improved by using the latest available computer technologies. This business is in a continuous process of improvising techniques to make parcel delivery more efficient and secure.

  • Third-Party Logistics – More commonly known as 3PL. Outsourcing of package delivery to third parties has already gained its share in the business. It will get more popular in the coming days to cater to the increasing volume of online orders
  • Direct to Consumers – D2C is another growing trend and is expected to get more popular in the manufacturing industry. The manufacturers can manage various strategies to market their products directly to consumers, using social media platforms.
  • Personalization Technique – Personal interaction or personalized service is one of the basics of marketing and sales. With the growing trend of shop from home, the sellers have to find out ways to communicate with consumers giving them personalized service on social media platforms. This can be achieved through more user-friendly interfaces on websites and mobile apps that may attract more customers so they feel like they are directly interacting with a salesperson.
  • Social Media Marketing – Using social media platforms is already a popular trend in marketing. It needs to be more innovative and aggressive. A User-friendly interface with minimum clicks will get the desired results. No doubt, the future of e-commerce largely depends on social media.
  • Perfect Tracking System – More focus needs to be given to this very important factor. E-commerce sales have already touched the $5 trillion mark. Without an efficient and accurate tracking system, this may become difficult to manage this huge business. Real-time tracking of parcels is one of the possible solutions. Companies have to invest more in this important area.
  • Sustainable Shipping – More efforts have to be made on sustainable shipping. With a huge number of parcels in transit, this factor cannot be ignored. Sustainability has to be improved to secure the future of e-commerce logistics.
  • Last Mile Delivery – Last mile delivery concept is of much importance. This is the last leg of the journey of any parcel. The use of the latest technologies can improve it a lot, such as drones, autonomous vehicles, hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, and eCargo Bikes.

Drone Delivery and Autonomous Vehicles

The use of Drones is already in practice in parcel delivery systems. Some companies have experimented with short-time delivery, beyond the concept of same-day delivery with drones delivering the parcel in less than an hour. It will prove to be a more efficient and cost-saving technology, as compared to manual booking and delivery systems. Drones are the future of tracking and logistics in e-commerce. Drone technology is rapidly improving with every passing day. These flying robots will go a long way in the future of e-commerce.

Autonomous or self-driven cargo vehicles are also being used and are expected to get more popularity in the coming days. They operate on computer programming and already proved their worth, especially in warehouse management.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a secure system of tracking and verifying the movement of parcels. It is a decentralized ledger. It is beneficial in many ways. It enhances transparency, hence mitigating the risk of fraud. The future of e-commerce is associated with the prudent use of this technology.


E-commerce is said to be the future of the supply chains. This is an ever-growing business activity. It is rapidly replacing manual purchasing. It is beneficial for all parties, including manufacturers, shipping companies, and above all, the consumer.

Although the relevant parties are already going in the right direction by way of using the latest technologies and improvisation, a more concerted effort is required to secure the future of e-commerce    

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