The Importance of Professional Drainage Services for Your Landscaping Project

Ruby McKenzie
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A good landscape is not entirely about the type of flowers, trees, and lawn you have. There are many benefits associated with good drainage, and there is no better way to enjoy these benefits than contracting a professional company like Warelandscaping for your drainage solutions.

How Do You Know if Your Yard Has a Drainage Issue?

A yard that is not well drained will always have puddles of water during the rainy season. Some parts of your yard feel so soggy when you step on them. Such pools of water are likely to attract mosquitoes and other bugs that like breeding in damp environments.

Due to heavy runoff, the topsoil in your yard is likely to be washed to the lowest part of the yard. The walkways and patios in your yard are likely to crack from the pressure exerted by the runoff.

Lastly, a yard that is not well drained will have ponds developing under downspouts and gutters.

Benefits of Good Drainage

Good drainage is an aspect that many overlook while designing their landscape. A well-crafted drainage system is a crucial determinant of the success of your landscape.

1. Keeps Your Plants and Lawn Healthy

A good landscape is nothing short of a well-manicured lawn and healthy-looking trees and flowers. Waterlogging robs the soil of its essential nutrients and exposes plants to various root diseases. Plants exposed to waterlogged environments are characterized by stunted growth and discoloration. As a homeowner, investing in a good drainage system can transform your soggy landscape into a lovely-looking yard full of life.

2. Protects From Structural Damage

Structural damage to your home’s foundation is inevitable if you lack proper landscape drainage. There is an increased likelihood that runoff water will enter your home through the cracks and holes in your foundation. In due time these cracks widen and compromise the structural integrity of your home. With a good drainage unit, you are guaranteed that water will be directed away from your home’s foundation, saving you from the implications of structural damage.

3. Water Reuse

Water is an essential resource that needs to be conserved. Installing a good drainage unit can help collect and store water for future use.

4. Promotes Microbial Decomposition

A flooded landscape hinders microbial decomposition, which provides nutrients to the soil. When your yard is flooded, microbes cannot break down organic matter.

5. Improves Soil Properties

Good drainage allows the soil to retain the right amount of water, making it more productive. Proper water retention in soils is critical in maintaining the right soil temperature for plants.

Well-drained soils are well-aerated, meaning the soils hold plenty of oxygen taken up by plants through soil pores for metabolic processes. On the flip side, soils saturated with water can choke your landscape’s vegetative matter due to inadequate oxygen.

6. Water Runoff Protection

Runoff water does not soak into the ground but rapidly moves through your yard. The kind of damage from runoff is immeasurable. This water carries pollutants, including heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, fertilizers, dirt, and debris which can negatively impact your landscape. If left, uncontrolled runoff causes structural damage and soil erosion.

7. Prevents Standing Water

A well-drained landscape is free of standing water. A good drainage system ensures your yard gets enough water and channels away excess water.

When there is no proper drainage, water will sit in your yard and cause damage to your property and landscape. In addition, you will incur unwanted costs tackling repairs and replacements every time your home is flooded.

8. Increases Property Value

Good drainage is a significant element every home should have as it enhances wholesome living. Without proper drainage, your home can be inhabitable. A home with good drainage is enticing to home buyers, which draws up the sale of your property.

Bottom Line

Installing a good drainage system is the best way to maintain a healthy landscape. Consult a professional to help you choose a good drainage unit for your landscape.

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