The Perfect Garden Can Still be Low Maintenance – and Here’s How

Ruby McKenzie
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Your definition of a perfect garden can be quite different from that of somebody else. However, there are certain things that most people have in common. Although there are those that enjoy a spot of gardening as and when they get time for it, it can be seen as a chore when time is in short supply and the garden still requires attention.

This is when it is a good idea to turn to a low-maintenance garden makeover. This will endeavor to provide you with the enjoyable bits of working in the garden without the tedious maintenance that can become like a full-time job, especially for those with large plots of land.

#1 Choosing the correct boundary borders

You may be under the illusion that you have only the traditional boundary border options available to you. These are brick walls, wooden fencing, wire fencing, or planting shrubs or trees. Some of these do indeed take time and money to maintain, particularly wooden fencing and plants. Whereas brick walls may need attention from time to time, they can be expensive and dangerous if left in a neglected state and wire fencing is far less than attractive.

However, there is now another option that you have open to you. This option is not only eco-friendly and easy to install but is incredibly low maintenance to keep looking great and as good as new. This option is composite fencing which is supplied in a choice of attractive colors so you will have no painting or yearly staining to perform.

#2 Making a bold statement with stone chippings

If you want to create a colorful garden but do not want a lot of high-maintenance flowering plants which you will either have to replant every year or be constantly pruning to keep in shape, you can include some colored stone chippings. Of course, you can use these to fill in areas between plants or for use on pathways as well as to edge them.

These chippings come in a variety of different shades that will compliment most garden designs and by keeping your garden plain, simple, and unfussy you will be creating the perfect area to relax and entertain in.

#3 Create clear, crisp, clean lines

To have your garden looking great and be as low maintenance as possible, you should make sure that you add some clear, crisp, clean lines to your design. Edging lawns or separating paved or decking areas with thick, colored borders will create a pleasing look and bring more attention from any onlooker to the areas that you want to highlight.

Enhancing garden spaces with lighting techniques and colors, as well as Tile Importer are decking suppliers in Melbourne, can create a visually appealing outdoor area.

#4 Work with low-maintenance planting options

There are always low-maintenance planting options as well which you can take advantage of. For instance, some variety of trees can be left to grow once planted and will require no pruning to keep in shape. Planting evergreens will provide you with greenery throughout the year.

However, if this is still too much, you also have the option of purchasing artificial plants to keep in pots, which apart from the odd hose down to keep them clean, can be used to provide any greenery that you happen to want all year round.

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