The Rise of Residential Proxies in Online Advertising How to Stay Ahead of the Game

Jeevy Lamii
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Customers nowadays are accustomed to looking for their desired products and services without having to leave their favorite social media platforms. It is always easier to stroll through inventories from the comfort of your couch than go out on a search. No wonder why businesses report more online sales of goods than offline sales. 

If you are new to internet marketing, you must have heard about proxies, especially data center proxies. Businesses have preferred them for anonymous data scraping. They are cheap, but in our opinion, residential proxies are better. 

In this section, we’ll tell you how they function and how they can help you. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

A Residential Proxy’s Line of Action

Residential proxies are probably the most common type of proxies used worldwide by a billion users. They route your internet traffic through an intermediary server, allowing you to surf the web as a real user from a specific region, country, or city. The proxy server assigns you an alternative IP address and all of your server requests channel through that.

A residential proxy is not for a specific user or website; multiple people can share it easily. It means there will be less wait time between switching IP addresses and you will have access to more pages at a time before your IP gets blocked. Hence, it is perfect for tasks requiring the same IP address for an extended time period.

Residential vs. Data Center Proxies

There are several perks to using a residential proxy; it is free and easy to set up. But the main benefit is its high-level anonymity and low block rate.

On the other hand, some targets can take precautionary measures and flag the data center proxies. They are easy to block, and they are not identifiable as ISPs. They do provide you anonymity, just like residential proxies. But most websites are smart enough to tell if you have connected to one.

When comparing residential proxies with data center proxies, security and speed matter the most. The former can collect a large amount of identity-sensitive data instantly and leave no footprint that triggers any security alarms.

A Residential Proxy Can Save You a Fortune

A lot of businesses have started using residential proxies for tasks like reviewing, monitoring, market research, and ad verification. Here is how your brand’s website can benefit from the use of such proxies.

1. Ad Verification

With time, ad fraud is drastically increasing, as it has become easy to run an ad bot or a fake ad site these days. Hackers and black hatters have found ways to portray fake traffic on their websites. It can cost the advertisers a fortune load of investment.

Digital marketers consider ad verification necessary to ensure their ads appear in front of a real targeted audience on appropriate sites. A residential proxy is helpful, as it allows you to scrape accurate data from advertisements while browsing as a real user device.

2. Market Research for Competitive Pricing

If you are trying to settle into an industry with cut-throat competition, pricing will be the crucial factor for survival. For that, you must keep up with the existing market price trends. A fast proxy that can help you monitor and acquire information about the ongoing price trends will keep you going.

In general, residential proxies cover several geo-locations. If you are looking to scrape public data in a precise location, just find a provider who offers proxies that reside in that region.

Use appropriate sales intelligence software with a residential proxy to acquire data for crucial business decisions. Instant updates about the market numbers will guide you to charge your services smartly. Avoiding this step can result in overpriced products no one would purchase or recommend.

3. Social Media Strategies

Social media is no more a mode of entertainment only. You cannot expect your internet marketing strategy to be perfect if a significant portion of it does not include targeting sites that your customers love. Businesses are utilizing these platforms to fish leads and convert them into loyal customers.

Proxies are an effective way to stand out in this massive market and gain more exposure for your brand. You can easily manage multiple accounts with the help of a residential proxy. Automation will reduce your workload of routine tasks in social media marketing. Consequently, you will never be out of touch with your target audience.

4. Customer Review Analytics

Keeping track of your client’s satisfaction should be your top priority. Your reputation is at the stake of good or bad customer reviews. It might sound traditional, but customers are always right.

In traditional marketing, residential proxies are perfect for analytics. There will be no geo-blocking, as the proxy will assist in scanning and removing IP restrictions. Consequently, the reviews will come in. Your business will thrive and not get affected because only the reviews are blocked.

5. Search Engine Optimization Compliance

Modern businesses are built on the aggregation of content from multiple sources and displaying the combined view on their platforms. Residential proxies support several SEO tools, thus making it easier for you to maintain aggregated content.

The better a website’s SEO, the higher that website will rank on top-rated search engine result pages. As a result, there will be a heavy flow of web traffic and more sales ultimately.

With the right tools, a residential proxy platform allows you to create meaningful links for your website. You will also get to evaluate the effectiveness of old links. There are several crawling tools that you can use to optimize your website and improve its performance.

In a nutshell

Using residential proxies for data collection, tests, and accessing different web resources has proven beneficial for businesses. Such servers are quite helpful for getting around restrictions and bans, thus, adding to your convenience. To top it all, they are perfect with regard to security and anonymity.

Above all, residential proxies are extremely helpful for understanding your competitors and outrunning them. If a strong command on numbers, content, and website optimization does not help you get an edge in your industry, what will?

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