The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Gathering Your Football Outfit and Equipment

Whether you have just started playing football, or you are a more experienced player, it’s good to know how to choose your football outfit and equipment properly. The choice should not only be based on fashion as more importantly it should give you comfort and keep you safe on the field. Check our ultimate guide to choosing and gathering your football outfit and equipment.

#1 Start with the Basics

The first step which you should take choosing your football outfit and equipment is to collect the basics. In case of football we may talk about a jersey, shorts, socks, and cleats. 

Choose comfortable shorts and a jersey, made of breathable fabric, specially designed for football players. They should definitely provide you with freedom of movement. The socks must be thick, providing ample cushioning in case of a kick from one of the opponents. The cleats must definitely fit well and offer good traction on the field. 

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#2 Adjust the outfit to your position

Buying the outfit that suits the specific position on the field that you plan to play on. A goalkeeper needs gloves to grip the ball. A midfielder will definitely appreciate shin guards, protecting your legs from hard tackles. Only light cleats will give you quick movements, which you need as a striker. 

#3 Quality, quality, quality

One of the most important feature of a football outfit it’s the comfort that it provides to the player. Such outfit is not only well-designed, but is also made of fabrics proper for practising sports. The best quality equipment will also keep you save, and let you focus on the best performance. 

#4 Accessories matter 

After choosing the basics, think how well-chosen accessories may make your game easier. As a goalkeeper a good pair of gloves is a must, not to lose any ball but to grip it on the highest level. What about a headband or a sweatband to keep sweat out of your eyes? Don’t forget about a gearbag to carry all necessary things with you to every match with ease. 

#5 Be prepared for any weather 

According to a saying there is not bad weather only bad clothing. That means you can’t stop a match only because it’s started raining. That’s why you should gather different outfit, for example a sweatshirt for colder days, and light-colored clothing for hot and sunny days.