Tips On how to catch and get past the Goblin in stardew valley And Its Operation

The Henchman guards the Witch’s Hut inside the Witch’s Swamp. Players will encounter him after travelling to the swamp, but cannot pass around him.

Discovering how to get past the Henchman is the objective of the quest Goblin Problem. A lost book at the library reveals that Goblins love Void Mayonnaise, so after giving him a gift of Void Mayonnaise he’ll move aside allowing the player to pass and enter the Witch’s Hut.


The questline to access the Witch’s hut involves two quests, which become available after completing all of the Community Center or Joja Warehouse tasks.

Quest NameQuest TestProvided byRequirementRewards
There’s a goblin blocking the path to the Witch’s hut. There must be some way to get him to move… Perhaps I should seek out more information on Goblins.Through the cave by the Railroad after completing the Dark Talisman quest.Speak to the Henchman outside the Witch’s hut and give him Void Mayonnaise as a gift.Wizard buildings available.
Dark shrines accessible in Witch’s Hut.


Lives inWitchs Swamp
Best GiftVoid Mayonnaise