Tips On stardew valley Dwarf Scroll I And Its Operation

The Dwarf Scroll I is an Artifact that can be found in the Mines or Skull Cavern on any floor by tilling soil, or as a drop from Bats, Bugs, Cave Flies, Duggies, Green Slimes, Grubs, Rock Crabs, or Stone Golems (0.5% chance).


Donation of this item contributes to the total count of donations for the Museum.

Donating all 4 Dwarf Scrolls rewards the player with the Dwarvish Translation Guide.


Dwarf Scroll I can be used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create the dyeable Gold Trimmed Shirt. It can be also used as a red dye color at the dye pots in Emily’s and Haley’s house, 2 Willow Lane.


One Dwarf Scroll I may be requested by Ghostfish in a Fish Pond quest to increase the capacity of the pond from 7 to 10


Level 95 in the Mines has tillable soil near the entrance to the floor. The player can repeatedly revisit Floor 95 via the elevator to till the soil and farm for Dwarf Scrolls I and IV.

Artifact SpotsN/A
Monster DropsBat(0.5%)
Cave Fly(0.5%)
Green Slim(0.5%)
Rock Crab(0.5%)
Stone Golem(0.5%)
Other SourceTilling in The Mines or Skull Cavern
Donation RewardDwarvish Translation Guide
Sell Price1g

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