Tips On Stardew Valley Professor Snail And Its Operation

Jeevy Lamii
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Professor Snail lives on Ginger Island and runs the Island Field Office. Initially he is trapped inside a mushroom cave by a large boulder, which is located on the north side of the fossil quarry. After paying 10 Golden Walnuts to the parrots, the player can free him by blowing up the boulder with a bomb or Explosive Ammo (1 hit with a Master Slingshot or 2 hits with a regular Slingshot).

After freeing him, he explains that he has been conducting a survey of the island’s flora and fauna for a year. He returns to his tent on Ginger Island, where he accepts donations in exchange for Golden Walnuts.

The cave where he was trapped becomes a mushroom cave, where mushrooms can be foraged by the player.


After freeing Professor Snail from the mushroom cave, he does not leave the Island Field Office desk.


Professor Snail will reward players for donating items to the Island Field Office.

Professor Snail will reward players for correctly answering questions on his Island Survey inside the Island Field Office.

lives inginger island
addressisland field office
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