Tom Roland Biography, Career, Billboard, Westwood One & United Stations Radio

Tom Roland has made his passion turned him to well known figure. He is well known for his writing skills and producing career. There is a lot you probably don’t know yet about Tom Roland. Just scroll down to view more about his career, relationship, age, nationality and more.


He works for Unistar Radio Network, a Nashville-based music company, as a writer and producer. In addition to that, he is a co-host on the popular radio show Solid Gold Country. Tom is also very popular for being the creator of the Billboard Book of Number One Country Hits.

Tom has distributed a plethora of music CDs to the market for the music industry. In addition to this, he is famous for the numerous national honors he has received and the media appearances he has made. On the other hand, Tom was born and raised in the state of Tennessee, which is located in the United States and is home to the famous and bustling city of Nashville.

Career of Tom Roland

Tom is most known for his country music, which he has written about for more than 35 years and beyond. Roland has composed a lot of excellent music for the music industry and others.

However, he is one of the music industry’s best known personalities and one of the genre’s most dependable experts in the United States of America. He appreciates and is aware of the sounds of music.

He has been the main and chief editor for the American music industry for the past eight years. He’s also renowned for Billboard Country Update and has written for Billboard’s weekly email.

Despite the fact that he is a composer, music director, and author of various works. Tom Roland is gradually becoming the most well-known and prominent figure in the American music industry. He progressed to become an expert and one of the class’s most comfortable and well-known members. Tom was also honored with various awards and honors.

For the past eight years, Roland has been the supervisor and primary contributor of Billboard’s weekly bulletin “Country Update.” He’s also a key part of the Nashville music industry and a lot of music records.

His work has appeared in the American and Westwood radio stations, as well as Nashville’s daily newspaper. He also works for The Orange County Register, C & W magazine, Country Weekly, and, among many other well-known organizations, where they gathered with the well-known “Hollywood newsman,” The Orange County Register, C & W magazine, Country Weekly, and, among many others.

Family: Relationship status of Tom Roland

Tom Roland’s relationship and anything concerning his family is private and not in the public domain, We will however keep checking and update you.

What is the weight and height of Tom Roland?

His weight and height are moderate and average respectively.

What is the age of Tom Roland?

His age is currently not known. We will however keep checking.

What is the Net Worth of Tom Roland?

His net worth is predicted to be within the range of $2m to $3m