Top 10 University Degrees of the Future

Ruby McKenzie
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One of the key decisions in many people’s lives is choosing the field of study in which they will specialize to eventually develop their main professional activity. So it makes sense that if you are at a crucial point in your choice of study, you should be wondering about the best university degrees for the future.

As you are well aware, deciding on a career of this nature is a rather relative act because, as we see, especially in recent decades, things are evolving at breakneck speed and things can change from one day to the next.

Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of the best university majors for the future. We made our choices based on, among other things, the most in-demand professions in the world today, the factors that will shape the future of work, and the professions that are beginning to boom.

College Degrees Worth Studying in the Future

So, let’s take a look at what we think are the best university occupations for the future. Necessary professions, activities that will flourish in the coming years, and even training that will be vital in any company. All of this has been considered in compiling the following list:

Degree in Computer Engineering

We live in a fully digital and constantly connected world. Therefore, among the best university degrees for the future and present, a bachelor’s degree in computer science is one of the top ones. Homework will not be easy, so contacting you can get professional help.

The ability to program and full knowledge of the functioning of computer networks and equipment are aspects that are already in high demand in most companies. For this reason, earning this degree is a win-win option.

Degree in Marketing

Today, it can be said that marketing is one of the main arteries of any brand that wants to stay afloat in an increasingly competitive marketplace. And with the development of digital marketing in our era, this has increased 1,000-fold.

Behind every good brand is a team of marketers who know how to position it correctly in the marketplace, create the right image in the minds of users and make your products and services look like the real deal. We even have educational marketing agencies that specifically do this.

Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources

Companies will always need human resources, and the ability to select the best through comprehensive processes requires well-trained human resources professionals.

This is a very interesting degree that not only allows the professional to interview, but also to gain enough knowledge to know how to coordinate and manage internal company relationships.

Degree in Nursing

Moving into the realm of science, a bachelor’s degree in nursing is still one of the best careers for the future you can find. And, as we’ve seen firsthand (even more so since the advent of Covid-19), nursing is a fundamental pillar of any society.

Degree in Physical Therapy

In this rapidly changing world, where stress is prevalent in much of society, the need for physical therapy professionals is increasing. It is a growing market with high demand.

So if you are looking for the best university degrees for the future, a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy will always be on every list.

Degree in Industrial Engineering

The technical field is also represented on this list of the best university degrees for the future bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering. This is one of the most in-demand degrees with the most job opportunities in the companies of the future.

Optimizing manufacturing processes, managing R&D departments, leading a team, and managing company logistics… are just some of the tasks that a process engineer can take on at most companies.

Degree in Law

Many may think this is a classic, but mastery of current law and knowledge of the new rules governing our society will always be more than necessary.

For this reason, a bachelor’s degree in law is one of the best university degrees for the future. Nowadays, a lawyer is not only needed for personal matters, most companies have their own legal team.

Degree in Video Game Design and Development

The video game industry has long surpassed other industries such as music or movies in terms of turnover. It’s undeniable that electronic entertainment brings in a lot of money and attracts a lot of audiences, so new studios specializing in creating this kind of work are springing up.

Once you get a degree in video game design and development, you can also go to work for very reputable international studios that are responsible for creating the famous works that appear on our screens. A very good bet among the best university degrees for the future.

Degree in Business Administration and Management

A bachelor’s degree in business administration and management is another one of those university degrees you should consider for the future. Creating startups and developing new ideas is something that breaks the market from time to time and ends up making big profits.

Companies will always be needed to keep the economy moving, and those companies must be run and managed by qualified personnel. For this reason, a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management continues to be a great option among the best university degrees for the future.

Degree in Transportation and Logistics

Among the best university degrees for the future, we couldn’t pass up a bachelor’s degree in transportation and logistics. And the fact is that this degree is very much focused on today’s world and the world ahead of us.

Controlling the logistics, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation actions of companies is critical because home delivery and delivery to other warehouses are the order of the day. In the future, as we see it, these shipments will become much more important, so it will take professionals who can properly manage all of these processes.

This concludes our article on the best university careers of the future. Have you decided on yours yet? 

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