Top 3 Night Vision Scopes That Gives You HD in Low Light with High Accuracy

Whether you are preparing for 24-hour surveillance, planning a nighttime hunt or simply nature watching in low light conditions. A quality night vision scope system will provide you with the view you need. We will not dive into the nitty gritty of how night vision works, just know that it collects whatever little ambient light there is, and amplifies it. The effective range of your night vision goggles is going to be determined by the quality of the optics, the higher the generation, the more the goggles will cost. The differences in image quality, durability and overall performance makes the amount you will spend immensely different.


Shopping for night vision scope can be tricky. night vision scope isn’t the simplest type of optic on the market. So, you need to know what to look at, especially since they can be used for a variety of purposes from recreational to tactical. We’ve included portable NVGs for amateur users as well as military grade glasses that can stand up to any scenario ranked here by their brightness, image quality and ease of use.


Full featured night vision riflescope, the full factor of the Digex is it allows the lowest possible mounting point flexible positioning of the rifle and an appealing external view. HD resolution sensor and display enhanced nighttime sensitivity. high quality fast optics, higher magnification and powerful built in IR for a moonless night, making the Digex the perfect tool for detecting animals at distances out over 500 meters.

Activating the high precision aiming frame allows the user to closely control the image in the aiming area while being visually aware of the entire field of view at the same time. the deject starts up within three seconds of pressing the on-button Digex riflescopes feature a built-in recorder to capture still images or HD quality video.

Digex is a high precision, user friendly shooting tool, some of its electronic came in reticles a ballistic and the aiming point is stable across the entire range of magnifications. At maximum magnification, zero in adjustments increments are less than 0.1. Five shooting profiles holds up to 50 zeroing distances. Digex can be used with large caliber rifles. when the external battery is discharged the rifle, scope switches automatically to the built-in battery. the external battery can be removed and replaced in seconds and invisible, completely eye safe.

IR illuminator allows observation while remaining unnoticed and without the fear that animals could be frightened away.

The Digex connects via Wi-Fi to mobile devices, the user only needs a smartphone, the free stream vision app and internet access to install new firmware updates with new functions and improvements are installed on the rifle scope by the user stream vision transfers images from the Digex to the smartphones display duplicate the controls for digital functions, and helps to transfer in real time, the images to the internet.

The metal housing of the Digex riflescopes is both rugged and lightweight. The rifle scope is flexibly mounted on the weapon, using 30-millimeter mounting rings Digex will operate in subzero temperatures precipitation of any intensity, and even survive submersion Digex is easy to use, dedicated buttons for the basic functions are easily accessible, combined with the HD quality AMX OLED display the wide angled eyepiece delivers rich and deep image perception.

Wraith HD 4-32X50 Digital Riflescope

Wraith 4-32×50 Digital riflescope is both a daytime color optic and digital night vision riflescope the Wraith features a 1920 by 1080 HD color imaging on a 1280 by 720 high resolution at FLCOS display. Featuring daylight use and transitions to traditional grayscale digital night vision imaging to unlock the mysteries of the dark. The Wraith is recoil rated up to 308 and both go rugged aluminum body with IP 55 water resistant protection. 50mm objective lens, digital controls power unit, micro USB port, powerful 850 nanometre infrared LED illuminator with a nighttime detection range of up to 200 yards away and a micro SD card slot, why the micro SD card. The Wraith includes onboard video and still photo capability and stores the content on the micro SD card. A 64 gigabyte card is capable of holding 1000s of images or approximately seven hours of video.

The videos and photos are produced in popular AVI and JPG format. The Wraith steps up to 256 gigabyte micro SD card. The Wraith riflescope is 4 to 32 variable magnification and one to eight power digital zoom. Simple user menu interface and 10 reticle options in nine colors are a truly customized shooting and hunting experience. While the Wraith is powered by four double A batteries for up to 3.5 hours in video mode and 4.5 hours in preview mode to extend battery life in the optic itself, the LED IR illuminator is powered separately by two CR123A batteries.

Digisight Ultra 400 series

Digisight Ultra 400 series is a good HD night vision rifle scope. The highly sensitive CMOS sensor features high-definition imaging. This sensor is capable of registering even the weakest IR radiation levels which ensures high effectiveness of the rifle scope in extreme nighttime conditions or High nighttime sensitivity.

The continuous digital zoom allows a closer look at distant objects providing the perfect balance of magnification and field of view and extra window for high precision aiming improves accuracy by providing a magnified image of the reticle area at the top of the display with only 10% of the display area used by picture and picture. the field of view remains virtually unobstructed for simultaneous picture and picture and full field viewing. the Digisight Ultra features five preset color modes offering a choice of color palettes and monochrome. the user is free to select any of these based on viewing conditions and personal preference.

High resolution display and sensor, high magnification with precise detail rendering, combined with the HD quality and Amoled display the wide angle six lens IP delivers rich and deep image perception, capturing still images and HD video sound is seamless with the built in video recorder. Using the free high tech iOS and Android compatible stream vision app, the Digisight Ultra connects via Wi Fi to allow transfer of images and video to smartphones and other wireless devices in real time.  stream footage to YouTube and other online video platforms, and even use your personal device as a wireless remote control. The digit site allows the user to create up to five shooting profiles for various rifles and cartridges. Each profile can hold up to 10 zeroing distances, special software makes zeroing much easier, the Digisight has reticles of 10 various shapes and functions, all presented in six colors.

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