Top 5 Destinations for a Car Enthusiast’s Dream Journey

So let’s be clear: You love cars. Perhaps you are interested in repairing and tuning them. Maybe you collect their little replicas (or, you know, vehicles themselves). Or maybe you just like to read about them and learn the information about brands and models by heart and show off your knowledge to your friends. Whatever option you choose, you can definitely call yourself an enthusiast in this topic.

You also like to travel. You enjoy going to new places, you love learning about other cultures, and you find the excitement of preparing everything for a journey fun and inspiring. A true traveler!

So why not combine these two passions? It may seem impossible at first, but nothing is impossible in this world, especially if you really want it. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 5 places you can travel to to satisfy the car lover inside you. Ready, steady, go!

Dubai Autodrome

Our first location is set in the United Arab Emirates. You definitely know about this place if you are into car racing. Dubai Autodrome is an FIA-certified  5.39-kilometer circuit with a racing track and karting center. Here you can witness all kinds of sporting events, both local and international.

Many famous racing drivers competed here, including Jacques Villeneuve and Jenson Button. Visitors to the Dubai Autodrome have plenty of entertainment options, including driving an Audi TT, the legendary Audi R8 V10, an open-wheel single-seater, or a rally car.

If you don’t want to spend time on track, you can literally travel around the city in a rented luxury car. The UAE is famous for the number of top-tier vehicles, so why not try and rent one of them? You can, for example, rent a Range Rover in Dubai and drive around the city. We are sure you will definitely see some absolutely crazy cars on the streets.

Henry Ford Museum

It’s hard to do without mentioning a master of the automotive industry. The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan is a real US treasure. On an area of about 12 acres, there are tens of thousands of exhibits that are connected with the name of the famous American inventor. The main part of the museum is occupied by cars, of course. For example, the museum still stores the first car produced by Henry Ford back in 1896. Unfortunately, you cannot rent any of them.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

“Mercedes” is a synonym for “classic,” and buying or renting such a car (especially a new one) is always an event, and it would be wrong not to mention its museum in this top. The Mercedes-Benz Museum, together with the Stuttgart company center and the arcade building, forms a huge Mercedes-Benz-Welt complex. The exhibitions cover the entire history of the auto giant, from the first carriage of the late 19th century to the first car and modern racing vehicles. You can also take a look at prototype cars, postal buses, trolleys, tow trucks, and fire trucks. It will take a couple of days to check the exhibits in detail.

Ring Road

Let’s move even further north, to Iceland. Route 1, or the Ring Road, is a highway that encircles the entire island and connects all the largest cities in the country. It’s very easy to rent a car here and drive the entire 800 miles, admiring the beauty of the island. If you just want to have a ride, then 15-16 hours may be enough for you (if you’re lucky enough with the weather). However, for those who like to look at the views outside the car window and take pictures of the beautiful northern landscapes, you may need at least a week. Keep this in mind when planning to rent a car.

Monaco Grand Prix

Formula 1. Basically, that’s all you need to know.

Okay, here are the details. Included in the Formula 1 World Championship calendar, this track is considered the slowest and most difficult. With a top speed exceeding 300 km/h, the slightest mistake can be fatal.

Participating in the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix is an unforgettable moment. The first days provide space for free or qualification rides. The last day of the Grand Prix race itself with 78 laps.


That’s all we wanted to share with you today. If you suddenly have a desire to visit one of these places, do not refuse it. Follow your dreams and travel to the coolest places for car enthusiasts.