Toyota GR Corolla 2023 Core, Circuit and Morizo Edition, Full Specs, Features

The World Rally Championship served as the catalyst for the development of the GR Corolla’s powertrain, which was designed to be resilient in virtually any driving environment. You can rest assured that it will push you beyond your current capabilities because it was manufactured at the same Motomachi plant as the homologated GR Yaris.

Gazoo Racing is the global racing section of Toyota, and it is via this division that we are able to explore their love of motorsport. Every vehicle that bears the Gazoo Racing (GR) brand has been put through exhaustive testing at racetracks all over the world in order to ensure that it has been extensively tested, polished, and perfected.


1.6L 3-Cylinder Turbocharged Engine

The small G16E-GTS turbocharged engine in the GR Corolla generates 300 horsepower and 273 lb.-ft. of torque. This power is delivered by a vehicle that is both lightweight and durable. All of this, so that you may punch it around every turn while maintaining balance and helping to minimize its overall weight.

Transmission with Intelligent Manual Control (iMT)

All feet and hands on deck. You have complete command of the GR Corolla thanks to the intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT), which comes solely in a 6-speed short-shift configuration. When you use the sport pedal clutch, you may express yourself with each revolution, and your connection will deepen with each shift of the steering wheel.

Better Overall Performance

Torsen limited-slip differentials come as standard equipment on the front and rear axles of the GR Corolla Circuit Editions and Morizo Editions (LSD). The limited slip differentials (LSDs) are designed to reduce the amount of slip that occurs between the two wheels that make up each axle. This allows power to be transmitted to the wheels that have the maximum grip, which is especially helpful when accelerating away from curves.


Aggressive Posture

Even when it’s not moving, the GR Corolla gives the impression that it’s prepared for anything. Its wider stance, which provides it with a better grip on the road, is displayed by flared front and rear fenders, and sporty black accents mix the aesthetic with the practical. Its optional red-painted calipers and GR badging give the impression that it is more than just an attractive vehicle.

Versatility in Seating

More is always better. Up to five passengers may fit in the flexible interior of the GR Corolla, which also has a hatchback for simple luggage access. Additionally, the rear seats are removed from the Morizo Edition in order to improve its power-to-weight ratio.

Interior touches for racing

Every time you get in the GR Corolla’s driver’s seat, you’ll experience an adrenaline rush. The front sport seats with muscular side bolsters will assist you carve through turns, and the GR embroidered headrests will serve as a reminder of what’s behind the hood. Higher side bolstered sport seats with slots for your racing harness make the Morizo Edition even more exclusive.

Back styling

GR Corolla drives aggressively up front and aggressively in the rear. To add style to its performance, the rear features a diffuser, triple exhaust, and useful air vents. The GR Corolla not only looks the part with its debossed GR-FOUR emblem along the side rocker and optional high-mounted rear spoiler, but it also performs admirably.


With GR Push Button Start, Smart Key System

You may easily lock and unlock the doors and hatch with the GR Corolla’s standard Smart Key System with GR Push Button Start while the key fob is still in your pocket or purse. The feature, which was created with you in mind, enables you to start and stop the engine with a single button press.

Heated steering wheel and seats

This driver-focused interior doesn’t skimp on comfort. You can stop worrying about the cold and start enjoying every turn by simply pressing a button to activate the available heated seats and steering wheel.

Monitor for Blind Spots and Rear Cross-Traffic

The Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA) and Standard Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) are both safety features. When a car in the next lane moves into the blind spots on either side of the GR Corolla, BSM will sound an alarm. Additionally, RCTA assists in detecting vehicles approaching from either side when you are in reverse, alerting you via side mirror indicators and a warning tone.

Multi-Information Display of 12.3″

The 12.3-in. display that comes standard on the 2017 GR Corolla was created with input from expert drivers. The most important information is placed in your line of sight via the Multi-Information Display (MID). When you turn it on, the GR animation lets you know it’s ready to go. You’ll also find it simpler to concentrate if you have a GR meter with digital gauges for turbo pressure and power settings, a center tach, and gear position indication lights.

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