Tips On stardew Valley how to Trash Cans And Its Operation

For the trash cans found around Pelican Town, see Garbage Can.

The Trash Can is a tool used to delete items from the inventory menu, and when upgraded, reclaim some of the items’ monetary value.

Every player starts with a basic trash can in their inventory, which can be upgraded at the Blacksmith for resources and money, shown in the table below.

Unlike the other upgradeable tools, the current trash can remains available during the time Clint takes to upgrade it.


Grades of Trash Cans

Trash CanStarter ToolN/aUsed to delete items from the inventory menu.
Copper Trash Can1000gCopper Bar (5)When deleting items, reclaim 15% of their monetary value
Steel Trash Can2500gIron Bar (5)When deleting items, reclaim 30% of their monetary value
Gold Trash Can5000gGold Bar (5)When deleting items, reclaim 45% of their monetary value
Iridium Trash Can12500gIridium Bar (5)When deleting items, reclaim 60% of their monetary value


Even when the Trash Can has been upgraded, Flooring, Furniture, and Wallpaper give no money when trashed.
The amount of money reclaimed by a Trash Can is affected by professions that affect the sell price of items (e.g., Fisher, Tiller, etc.).