Trea Turner’s Wife Kristen Harabedian: 10 Facts to know

Kristen Harabedian is a former American gymnast and the wife of Trea Turner, the shortstop for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Knowing their university relationship, her marriage to the 2014 MLB Draft pick for the San Diego Padres is extremely intriguing.

Even though she had a fantastic gymnastics career, it did not garner her the same kind of attention as her marriage to the MLB player. She is now committed to advancing her husband’s profession.

A closer look at who she is shows a plethora of fascinating facts that many people are unaware of.

Quick Facts of Kristen Harabedian

Full NameKristen Harabedian
Date of Birth1st May, 1992
Birth PlaceFlemington, New Jersey
FatherJohn Harabedian
MotherDonna Homulak Harabedian
SpouseTrea Turner
ChildBeckham dash Turner

A Closer Look At Her Life

1. Harabedian, Kristen Age and Early Years

Kristen Harabedian was a gymnast long before her present spouse, Trea Turner, came into her life. Her hometown is Flemington, New Jersey, where she was born on May 12, 1992.

Kristen, who is 29 years old, comes from a sporting family. Her siblings participate in a variety of sports. Her brother, Zak, was a baseball player, and her sister, Jenny, was a softball player.

Her dream of being a gymnast began when she was still a child. She joined Shields Gymnast in Flemington when she was approximately five or six years old. While still a student at Hunterdon Central High School, Kristen worked as a competitive model.

She received a full sports scholarship at NC State University and majored in Business Management. As a gymnast, Kristen set numerous records.

2. Gymnastics Career of Kristen Harabedian

While still in high school, she distinguished herself as a gymnast. At 2009 and 2010, Kristen led her school’s red devils to second and third place finishes on the bars in the level 10 state meet. She was crowned New Jersey Gymnast of the Year and was named to her fourth all-state team.

Kristen had a lot of public appearances throughout her freshman year. Except for the match versus Oklahoma, she was not present at any of the events. In 2011, she competed on the bar for the first time and finished third against West Virginia.

In her senior year of college, she set a career high of 9.900 on bars versus New Hampshire. She was named to the All-Academic Team of the 2014 EAGL.

Her gymnastics career came to an end with her graduation from college. If she isn’t watching baseball, she practices Yoga.

Her work as a general business analyst for Credit Suisse is mentioned on some of her social media sites.

3. She is Married to Trea Turner

Trea Turner, the former gymnast, will spend the rest of her life with her college sweetheart. While attending North Carolina State University, they began dating in 2012. Because they were both athletes, it was simple for the two to cultivate their connection.

Kristen and Trea married at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Washington, D.C. in November 2018. The National Museum of Women in the Arts hosted a lovely reception for their wedding guests. Trea, often referred to as T2 by fans and admirers, has played for a variety of teams, including the national squad in the summer of 2013.

4. Kristen Harabedian and Trea Turner have a child.

Kristen and her husband are expecting their first child in February 2021. Beckham Dash Turner is the name they gave to their kid.

5. Her Husband Was Traded to the Dodgers.

Trea Vince Turner was a college baseball player at NC State before turning pro. The San Diego Padres selected him in the first round of the 2014 Major League Baseball Draft.

Before being traded to the Washington Nationals in 2015, he was trained as a shortstop. Turner was a member of the Nationals from 2015 until 2021, when he was moved to the Dodgers.

With the Dodgers, he blasted his 100th career home run. And has also concluded the season with the highest batting average (.328).

6. What is the Natural Position of Kristen Harabedian’s husband?

Trea Turner plays shortstop naturally. Years ago, he began playing shortstop as his natural position. He has, however, tried in a variety of positions before settling on his native one.

During his first year at NC State University, he batted third. Even so, he set a North Carolina state record of 57 stolen bases with only four catches. His steals were more than the team total of 158 Division 1 teams at the time.

Turner moved to center field while with the Washington Nationals. Because of roster changes, his position on the team changed. Turner returned to his natural position at shortstop with the Dodgers.

7. Her husband is one of baseball’s fastest runners.

Trea has made a number of quick dashes down the base path and is regarded as one of baseball’s fastest runners. He is extremely fast, as evidenced by his 30.7 sprint speed in the 2021 postseason playoffs.

During the regular season, he was linked to Yankees’ Tim Locastro.

8. Trea Turner’s slanderous tweet was discovered in 2018.

The past comes calling for many celebrities at inopportune moments. Trea used Twitter to send insulting messages while he was still in school. The messages were never seen until he began his professional baseball career.

The texts he sent against gays, as well as abuses directed at mentally challenged people, were discovered in 2018. Others players were also revealed during the month of June for the 2018 season. Turner apologized sadly during a press conference soon before the Nationals’ next game.

9. Kristen Harabedian is a major fan of her husband’s.

She is her husband’s staunchest supporter. She was watching from the stands as he made his professional debut. She’s been going to his games ever since.

They have chosen to live in California in order to be close to his workplace. She now brings their infant son to Trea’s games.

10. How did she amass her Net Worth?

Kristen’s net worth is unknown at this time. Her husband’s $4 million fortune, on the other hand, stems from his baseball career. The Nationals offered him a six-year, $100 million contract, but he turned it down.

His most recent contract with the Dodgers in 2020 calls for him to earn $7.45 million.

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