Virtual Reality Games: A List Of The Best Entertainment

In the digital age, more and more developers want their games to be even more immersive. With the appearance of devices that allow you to be in augmented reality, this has become especially relevant. And it can be difficult for the average player to decide on the desired game among all the variety, as they differ in graphic characteristics, the plot and the principle of the game. Below we will analyze the list of the most high-quality and relevant games in virtual reality, which certainly will not make you bored.

The Principle of Virtual Reality Games  

Such games with augmented reality is a graphical projection, reproduced with the help of special devices. However, in some situations immersion in VR can be dangerous to your health, you can read about it here at cnn Therefore, you should take a responsible approach to safety issues and buy only high-quality equipment. You will need the following devices for a full immersion:   

  • A virtual reality helmet. This device captures complex head movements and transmits the corresponding picture to the screen. You can connect such a helmet directly to your computer without using external resources.
  • Virtual reality glasses. This is an alternative option used mainly to be connected to the phone, you will need a special adapter and a device that reads head movements to connect to the computer.
  • Controllers and joysticks. These devices are taken in the hands and actually replace them during the game by reading the movements and projecting them into the game. These devices have no analogues and do not need any adapters for connection, as they are paired with a helmet or glasses and act as a complete device.  
  • VR Ready gaming kits. These are separate computer units equipped with powerful processors and graphics cards. This equipment is optional, not mandatory, but its presence will significantly improve the quality of the game.  

After buying the necessary equipment, you can start installing the desired games. 

Catan VR

This virtual game is a combination of various board games and martial arts techniques. The main purpose of the game is to pass the maximum number of levels, for which it is necessary to fight the bosses, using a katana. Moreover, the player has the opportunity to test his skills, because every 10 levels there is a final boss, against which you must use the so-called “elemental” skills. If you like this martial arts theme, you will be happy to try your luck in gambling, with the help of However, there is a certain amount of excitement in virtual games, because augmented reality activates all parts of our brain. 

Fallout 4 VR

This is a standard shooter game that seems to have become obsolete because of the overload of the same-type games on the market. But this is not true at all, because the addition of virtual reality opens up all new possibilities for improving the gaming experience. In this format, the shooting process becomes much more difficult than just pressing the keys, because it is necessary to correctly reload weapons and shoot without losing your aim with the help of joysticks. In general, this kind of mental and emotional stress has a positive effect on the brain, improving concentration and mood. You can read more about the structure of shooters here: Games of this genre are the most popular at the moment, which gives a good start. 


This game is a work of art that music lovers will appreciate. Its main goal is to catch the rhythm and “beat” the melody as clearly as possible. The management is done with the help of controllers, to which a kind of shield is attached in virtual mode, and it is necessary to beat off the falling music crystals with them in order to play the note. If you successfully perform these actions, the notes turn into a beautiful melody. There are more than 200 levels in the game, and there are also constant tournaments, so you won’t get bored. Moreover, the songs of famous singers are added every week, so you will have an opportunity to play them. This game leads its users to the gambling pastime, and so why not spend your time gambling and improve your mood. The free online slots for fun will help you in this. They are given to all at registration and do not require a deposit. Using them, you can get pleasure from immersion in the world of gambling, and do not spend a penny. 

Land’s End

This is an unusually easy and calming game that will help you relax after a hard day and bring a little creativity into your life. This is a puzzle game with lots of levels, that will amaze you not only with its cleverness, but also with its artistic execution. Another advantage will be the possibility for users to enjoy the game through mobile devices, especially for Samsung Gear VR users.


Each virtual game is unique in its own way, and thanks to the wide range of graphic design features, we can expect a peak of virtual additions in the coming years. However, the list of these games is not small, and before you install them, you need to decide on the genre and concept. The following table will show the characteristics of the games described earlier:

Name of the gameFeatures .
Catan VRThe genres of simulation, strategy and board game are suitable for this game. Because there is a clearly established level system. 
Fallout 4 VRShooters are timeless classics and this game is a good example, proving it. The game has no levels, but there are online battles and tournaments with other players.
AudioshieldThis game perfectly fits the indie and musical genres, since only one person, its creator, was involved in its development.
Land’s EndIt is a very unpopular and unusual genre of adventure with no storyline as such, but the game is incredibly addictive and you will definitely pass all 500 levels.