What are mini skips and when are they used?

Ruby McKenzie
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Skips are used for holding open topped waste from demolition and construction sites, from gardens, or any other locations where there’s a large amount of waste to be discarded.

So what exactly is a mini skip?

A mini skip is the smallest size of skips. A small sized skip used to hold and remove waste and debris.

If you are familiar with construction sites, you would have seen one of them being loaded up by a truck with special mechanisms for picking skips off the ground to be taken away.

They usually come in two sizes. There’s the 2 meter skips and the 3 meter skips. 2 meter skips can hold up to 25 bin bags of waste and 3 meter skips can hold from 35 to 50 large bags of waste.

You use mini skips when you have a limited amount of waste to discard. Mini skips are narrow at the bottom but wide at the top, this makes them able to hold a large amount or stuff. And they are usually affordable. You can even rent them if you have a special need for waste removal.

When are mini skips used?

You may wonder if you have a need for a mini skip. Especially if you consider them too big. But the truth is, the convenience they provide for evacuation of waste makes them ideal even for circumstances where you think they’re not needed.

Here are situations when you need a mini skip.

Domestic cleanups:

They can be used to evacuate waste from the home. .

Kitchen refurbishments

You can make use of mini skips when you need to evacuate domestic waste from your kitchen. For example, you will likely need a mini skip if you do renovation work that requires breaking down concrete walls in your kitchen if you are making it bigger there. This sort of waste is bulky and needs mini skips.

Garden work

It is the same as when you do major work in your garden. For example, taking out large amounts of weed, mulch or some other garden waste. Mini skips can be used to hold such waste for disposal. It is more economical to use a mini skip for this rather than having a waste truck come in.

Household waste

It is possible to have a pile of household waste that is more than your bin bag or trash bin can contain. In this case a mini skip is the ideal option. You can always rent one and have it filled up for removal. Hiring mini skips are particularly in places such as Canberra whose local government has restrictions on what size skips can have one a property without approval.

Commercial cleanups:

They can be used to evacuate commercial debris.

Construction site use

If it’s not a very big construction site, a mini skip is the best option for holding and removing debris like plasterboard. They can be used to store excess waste until work is over when the waste will be taken away.

Small factory waste

Small factories can use mini skips to store and remove waste as well. For example, if you run a small furniture company in your garage, incorporating industrial dust collectors can complement a mini skip to efficiently remove accumulated dust, pieces of cut wood, and other waste from production.


Using mini skips allows you to save costs. It allows you free more space as well. Mini skips can fit into alleys and backyards. They are designed to sit without toppling over and spilling their contents. They can also be placed in your garden permanently to hold waste from your farm. Hiring a mini skip saves you the cost of moving your waste every now and then to a waste dump.

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