What Does a Car Accident Attorney Do After You Hire Them?

Ruby McKenzie
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Your life might change significantly if you are involved in a car accident. The injuries you sustain will make navigating daily activities and other essential engagements challenging. If another person’s negligence caused the accident, you could seek compensation.

Hiring an accident attorney is a reliable way of increasing your chances of winning compensation. If you have been in an accident in Phoenix or anywhere else, you should get an attorney to represent your interests. This guide will enlighten you on what an attorney does after you hire them. Read on to find out.

A Car Accident Attorney Gathers Evidence

One of the first things a car accident attorney does after you hire them is gather evidence. When you file a personal injury claim against the defendant, you must prove they were responsible for the injuries. Failure to do so might not get compensation. Therefore, a car accident attorney will look for evidence that proves your case. In Phoenix, the plaintiff must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant’s actions led to the crash. Examples of evidence gathered include photos, video clips, and testimony from eyewitnesses.

Filing A Claim

After your car accident attorney gathers the necessary evidence, they will file a personal injury claim on your behalf. This marks the start of a legal battle that could end with you receiving compensation. The attorney will handle all the paperwork and provide the documents required in court. You will be involved in every step of the process, as some details need your input and approval. The claim can be filed at your insurance company or local court.

Determining Your Damages

Your car accident attorney will also determine your damages. You might already be aware that the accident is costing you time, money, and emotional input. However, you might not know how much your total damages are worth. With the distraction of getting involved in a car accident, most victims fail to realize how much they have lost in terms of damages.

Knowing an accurate figure of your damages is crucial when filing a claim. An attorney will handle this on your behalf and estimate how much your claim is worth. Car accident attorneys in Phoenix have worked on cases like yours and know what it takes to find an estimate. They will help identify damages like medical expenses, vehicle damage, and lost wages.

Negotiating A Settlement

Another thing a car accident attorney does after you hire them is to negotiate a settlement. Having an attorney in such talks is crucial because insurance companies will take advantage of your nativity. The insurance company will try to offer you a lowball settlement that is way below what you deserve. An attorney will prevent such cases and negotiate a favorable settlement on your behalf. They are experienced in handling such talks and know how to convince the insurance company.

Seek The Services Of An Experienced Car Accident Attorney

A car accident can be a life-changing experience. If the accident is someone else’s negligence, you can get compensation for damages. An accident attorney will help you get what you deserve and hold the defendant accountable.

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