What is happening between Mcbrown and Fadda Dickson? – Here’s what is trending

Ever since Nana Ama Mcbrown left UTV’s United Showbiz Show alot of comments have splashed online.

Her departure from Despite Media to Media General has raised a lot of questions and issues have popped up to that effect.

People have related her move from UTV to internal issues. They claim that Mcbrown had issues with Fada Dickson, the Managing Director of the Despite Media Group.

Shatta Wale in one of his online rants claimed and attributed The actress’ move to some ‘nonsense’ pressure that was mounted on her.

He added that there was a problem and McBrown was being disturbed hence leaving to Onua TV.

This assertion by the self-acclaimed dancehall king caused an uproar yet netizens were a bit sceptical over the claims.

In the latest of events, information on the gossip streets has it that Fada Dickson and Mcbrown are allegedly on bad terms.

This seemingly yet unconfirmed brewing beef between the two personalities comes after McBrown’s Kitchen show was taken off the air.

According to reports, Nana Ama McBrown’s Kitchen show was not aired last week on UTV when the time of the program was due.

There have been a series of information on the streets regarding this issue. Ears are on the ground to bring you the latest. Abotr3! Nkoaa, More to come.