What Is The Role Of Pawn Shops During The Covid-19??

Ruby McKenzie
7 Min Read

As the death toll continues to rise, and shortages of medication and supplies spread, it is hard to predict where relief will come from. Suspicions are mounting, as panic ensues amid those affected by this deadly virus. Many say the government is not doing enough; they believe instead that volunteer medical staff and volunteer organizations should be given more power in assisting throughout the infected regions. There are rumours as well as evidence suggesting that the Covid-19 vaccine stockpile has been compromised or has been degraded due to improper storage conditions during transit. The rumours are further fueled by the fact that the government has virtually cut medical staff and volunteer groups off from supplies such as this. Actions are being taken, however, and measures have been put in place to ensure that those who save lives will be rewarded with medications. There is talk that rationing will be imposed in order to control prices on supply, but there is no consultation with those who are most affected by the situation.


We are reminded that this is a situation in which the power of choice always lies with the individual. We believe, as do many others, that when personal and familial health is at stake, due consideration must be given to those who are most affected. The government has been charged with making decisions regarding the distribution of supplies and medical protocol. We believe that this decision process should be accessible to those affected by the situation, but it should also be accountable. We want to remind the government that without the active participation of volunteer medical staff and organizations, a situation as devastating as this one could have been much worse.


Because of our unique position in the community, we at HELPS believe that we have an obligation to provide assistance to those who need it most. With this in mind, we would like to take a moment to discuss what pawn shops can do for their communities during these difficult times. Many people believe that pawn shops are frivolous or trivial, but this is not the case at all. For some, pawn shops are a safe place to store valuables and to keep their needs and necessities from the hands of their creditors. For others, it is a means of meeting a need for safe storage for valuables in anticipation of an upcoming job or relocating. Others still choose to pawn valuable items which they do not need in anticipation that they will be able to buy these items once more economic conditions improve. The fact is, pawn shops are a vital part of any community and a vital service for those who need it most: individuals and families in financial distress due to this situation, dealing with friends and loved ones who have contracted the disease, or who are simply passing through their community during this time.

HELPS is proud to offer personal assistance to anyone seeking funds to meet the needs of their family or themselves. Pawn Jewelry , like the name suggests, will be offering assistance to those suffering or in distress due to this most unfortunate situation by accepting their valuables for an equity loan. We want to take this opportunity to remind our community of the importance of personal choice and autonomy in times like these. We invite our customers to choose for themselves whether or not they believe it is important for them to seek out a means of support through pawning their valuables and/or equity loans from pawn shops such as ours.


During these uncertain times, some could be faced with a dire situation. These people could have found themselves in need of a safe place to store valuables, money for necessities, a means of providing for their families amid the growing number of people who are unable to work due to the illness, or any combination of these situations. Whatever the cause and whatever the effect, it is our belief that pawn shops are an invaluable asset in our communities and cannot be overlooked during times of crisis. Pawn Jewelry understands the importance of our relationships with our customers and is committed to helping during every situation in which we can. Come to us for support when you need it, and we will be here for you. We are not only your store for choice when it comes to personal valuables, but also your store for support during these times of crisis.


Community help is a strong and vital part of our society. We are proud to be able to serve the people who make our community what it is and we encourage those who use us to do the same. We are reminded that this is a perfect opportunity for all of us, as one, to walk in together and show how we can come together as one during these times of crisis. The government has a duty to respond with careful consideration given to those individuals who must rely on their decisions for their own survival. There should be no question that those who save lives will be rewarded with medications.

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