What You Should Know About Dream Design Property (Zaki Ameer)

Ruby McKenzie
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It is details about the Zaki Ameer reviews and his Australian-based Dream Design Property enterprise. There appear to be some internet concerns about their real estate mentorship services, so let me tell you the truth.

As an Australian, I began this blog many years ago. It was established as an independent voice to provide customers with accurate information. That is, without the sweet coating as well as the negative. I’m an optimist, but I can also detect deception.

As a fellow property investor, I’ve discovered that the returns are pretty poor. As a result, I’ve resolved to find a better approach to creating a higher asset return. And I found it! In reality, with a free training course accessible, I’ve assisted hundreds of Australians in moving forward. But we’ll get to that later.


Zaki is someone I’ve known for a long time. In truth, I had been following Nathan Birch for a few years before he became renowned on the internet. Back when he only possessed a few properties. That was back in the day.

Zaki was a respectable individual. He had amassed a sizable fan base, with many complimenting his services in the real estate and property investing industries. In addition, before this, I discovered some promising outcomes. He comes in with an emigrant mindset,’ and his go-getter personality shines through in what he has to give.

However, after some time, Zaki Ameer has received some negative news. Hundreds of people were owed money, with some receiving nothing in return. I’m not a fan of A Current Affair’s journalism in general, but the program starring Zaki made me sit up in my chair.

Review of Dream Design Property

This is a property mentorship and long-term strategy consulting company in Sydney known as Dream Design Do. Dream Design Property has now served hundreds of clients, most of whom have left 5-star evaluations. However, there are some criticisms.

  • After doing some investigation, here’s what I discovered:
  • They genuinely do set you up for success in the long run (20-year vision and beyond)
  • There is a plan tailored to you and your family’s objectives.
  • If you opt not to proceed, you will  (but will you receive a refund?)
  • David Kochie gives DDP services a strong recommendation.
  • There have been several features in the mainstream and real estate media.
  • They’ll give you free real estate advice over the phone right now.
  • There is a lot of free education that they offer.
  • However, there must be some negativity. These are some examples:
  • For coaching, you will frequently pay a large sum of money up in advance.
  • Thousands of dollars are owing to dozens of people (Though Zaki has refunded quite a lot which is great to see)
  • Because of the inherent business expenditures, the fees might be a little excessive.
  • A weekly cash flow of $50 to $70 isn’t enough for retirement (I know a better approach!).

Creating digital assets

Digital materials are my preference. I’ve discovered that this is a better area to locate cash flow than the Australian housing market, which is now in decline with poor customer confidence. Now is a beautiful moment to rethink your plan.

The approach of Dream Design Do is sound. However, the money is tiny at the end of the day. It’s challenging to leave your work after two to three years, which most people would like to do. Fortunately, I discovered a better solution! Thousands of Australian property investors have realized this.

I’ve motivated hundreds of individuals to go on new adventures. It’s easy, and it’s all taught in this completely free online training course. It’s user-friendly, with thousands of Australians and New Zealanders already on board. You will need your email address to access the four modules, and your email will be kept secure.

Final thoughts

You should know that Dream Design Do is an excellent firm that needs to boost its reputation.

There are already dozens of complaints, far more than a property mentoring firm should have as a percentage. A corporation of this size is sure to encounter some small challenges along the road. It’s nearly hard to achieve a client satisfaction rate of 100 percent. Is Zaki someone I would recommend? Based on the facts supplied, I believe you should make your conclusion. There are hundreds of cheerful individuals, but there are also dozens of miserable ones.

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