Why Sunglasses Are Important to Your Eye Health

Ruby McKenzie
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For many people, sunglasses have one basic functionality. That is to provide shade for your eyes when you are out in the sun. During winter, they can also be quite effective against glare. 

Over the years, sunglasses have also become a fashion statement. If you keep up with fashion trends, you know what we are talking about. There is something about sporting the latest sunglasses that set you apart fashion-wise. 

Do you know how lucrative the global sunglasses market is? Well, in 2021, it brought in $28.31 billion. The industry is also quite optimistic, with a CAGR of 6.1% projected by 2030. 

Several factors contribute to the bright outlook. The role of the fashion industry in influencing purchasing decisions is noteworthy. Consumers also have more disposable income. 

Furthermore, sunglasses buyers prefer branded eyewear as a personalized style statement. Indeed, it is no longer just about fashion. The functionalities extend to prescription sunglasses as well. 

Our article explores the importance of sunglasses to your eye health. Let’s see what we uncover. 

Prescription Sunglasses to See Better

Do you use prescription glasses? If yes, you understand that you need them to see better. But, what happens when you are outside? A pair of prescription sunglasses is what you need. Prescription sunglasses are shades with corrective eye prescription lenses. 

So, why should you buy prescription sunglasses? Well, you get functionality and usability in one stylish pair of shades. You can enjoy the ability to see the world clearly while finding protection from UV rays. Ultraviolet radiation comes in the form of UVA and UVB rays. They can cause macular degeneration, cataracts, as well as other diseases. 

Express your personal style with a trendy pair of prescription sunglasses. The advantage is that there is no shortage of design options. As we said, a wraparound pair of prescription sunglasses is the best. Besides the eyes, you also protect the sensitive skin around the eyes. 

Check out online sunglasses for various designs, including cheap prescription sunglasses. Have in mind the following factors when choosing a pair:

  • What kind of usage do you envision for prescription sunglasses?
  • Will you use them when playing vigorous sports?
  • Is there a safety rating requirement from your job?

So, can you turn regular sunglasses into prescription sunglasses? In some instances, yes, you can. All you need to do is substitute the existing lens for the prescription lens. But, there may be exceptions due to the frame and your current prescription. The right optician will have ideal, affordable prescription glasses to suit your needs. 

Sunglasses Are Important for Eye Recovery

If you have had eye surgery or corrective procedures, invest in Polarized sunglasses. Your optician may even recommend that you buy prescription sunglasses during the healing process. 

Debris and sunlight can severely impact the recovery process. The glare of the sun could result in discomfort. You may end up itching to get some relief. Yet, all you will be doing is more harm to the eyes than good. 

Think about the eyeglasses as a shield against UV rays, and dirt collecting in your eyes. You will need that to ensure proper healing of the eyes.  

Sunglasses for Protection against UV Rays

The sun is an excellent, natural source of light and warmth. But, UV rays can cause a lot of damage to the skin and eyes. So, stocking up on sunscreen is an excellent idea. The same applies to using sunglasses. They help avoid UV rays damage to the retina, lens, cornea, and eyelids. 

Despite the name, sunglasses are not only for sunny days. Indeed, you should wear them all year round. Ultraviolet rays are not only synonymous with when you can see the sun. So, when shopping for shades, check that they have the following:

  • 100% UV protection to filter out the harmful rays.
  • Wraparound styles to reduce the amount of exposure.
  • A tint if you wish, but it should come with 100% UV protection.
  • Polarizations to minimize glare. That is a critical factor in ensuring comfort for the eyes.
  • A prescription sunglasses option if you need it. 

With so many options, it is possible to get cool yet cheap sunglasses. 

You may not feel the immediate impact of the UV rays’ damage to the eyes. But, in the long runn, the exposure significantly increases your risk. Over time, conditions like macular degeneration and cataracts can rob you of your vision. 

Let’s also not forget eye cancer, which can lead to death. Prevent or lower the chances of that happening with sunglasses. And don’t forget, you can also choose cool prescription glasses that are trendy and stylish.

Avoid Eye Strain with Prescriptive Sunglasses

The glare, or brightness of the sun, as well as the glare off of reflective surfaces can strain your eyes. If you wear prescription glasses, it only gets worse. You may not realize how uncomfortable it is to wear glasses in the sun. You find yourself squinting in an effort to see well. Imagine trying to celebrate your kids’ sporting events, or struggling to enjoy your outdoor sports game when you are blinded by glare. 

Prescription sunglasses are an ideal solution to avoid eye strain. The corrective lens can improve your vision. The polarized lenses can cut down the sun’s glare, or reflective lights, that bounce off surfaces. That is a big relief because, not only are you able to see well, but you also get the benefit of reducing eye strain. 

Please remember eyestrain comes with a host of other issues. You may have to deal with headaches and/or migraines, which can be an additional burden in terms of medical bills. You can avoid all this with cheap prescription sunglasses. 

Final Thoughts

The advantages of sunglasses to your eye health are numerous, as we have highlighted above. The sun is a wonderful natural resource that gives us light and warmth. But, UV rays are not your best friend. The rays can cause significant damage to the skin and eyes. 

You can reduce the harmful impact with the right pair of sunglasses. But, beyond that functionality is the eye-health aspect. Prescription sunglasses ensure you see better when outside. The inclusion of the corrective lens frees you from having to wear the shades over your prescription glasses. That brings convenience and functionality to your everyday wear. 

With sunglasses, you realize the benefits immediately. But, you are also preserving your eyesight for later years. Avoiding sun-related issues, like cataracts and macular degeneration, can help to ensure that you continue to enjoy good eyesight as you age. 

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