You Need to Prepare These 7 Things Before Going on a Hike

Ruby McKenzie
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Hiking is generally very amusing and relaxing and allows you to spend some time with your favorite people and at the same time explore some places you haven’t seen before. Further, it allows you to reconnect with nature.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be having a one-day or multi-day trip, every experienced hiker will tell you that you must be properly prepared for hiking. That’s one of the best ways to ensure you have a wonderful time.

Now, if you’ve never hiked before, then you might be a bit intimated by it. But don’t worry. With some amazing tips (that we prepared for you today) you will enjoy a safe, interesting, yet comfortable hike.

Tips & Tricks To Prepare You For A Hike

The Items You Will Pack 

Just like any other trip, this one requires some packing as well. However, if you’re planning to have a short hike, then you don’t need too many things. After all, everything you need, you’ll be carrying during the hike.

Therefore, it would be smart (and very practical) to opt for a light pack where you will put all the necessities, such as:

  • Navigation tools – for these purposes, you should bring a compass, map, or GPS. This is essential because you will want to know where you are going at any given moment. Plus, you will also want to know where all emergency exits, campsites, and water sources are situated. Even if you have a GPS, the American Hiking Society suggests bringing along a compass or map too. 
  • Water & Food – these are probably the most important items on your list (especially water). Without them, your body is not going to be capable of functioning properly. That’s why it’s crucial to eat something before you go (and whenever you’re hungry or feel weak) and to continuously take a sip of water.
  • Multipurpose tool and/or knife – this is another must-have in terms of hiking. How come? Well, that’s because you never know when you might need to open something (that’s difficult to open) or cut fabric, so you can make some bandages. In addition, having a knife is a great idea when you decide to make a fire.
  • Backpack – bring something that’s not too heavy and that’s comfortable and that’s not going to put too much strain on your shoulders and back. Moreover, it’s essential that your backpack rests high on your back and close to your body.

Check The Weather

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, weather can have a huge impact on hiking. It can either make or break this adventure. If you do not inform yourself on time, it could potentially present safety concerns.

Therefore, it’s mandatory to check the weather forecast before you plan to go anywhere. If you, for instance, want to go on a hike to Fuerteventura (this is just an example), then you should immediately take a look at the Fuerteventura weather forecast just to see whether you should plan anything or not. You don’t want your trip to be ruined just because you didn’t do your homework.

Anything Else That Has To Be Done?

Be Sure All Your Equipment Works Properly

Above, we talked about the things that you are supposed to bring to your hiking trip, but before you do so, you should first be sure they all work correctly. During this process, it’s important to be very relaxed and do things slowly, so you don’t overlook anything.

For example, if you plan on bringing your GPS, then first ensure that the batteries are charged and that you’ve packed all the extras. But as previously mentioned, besides bringing a GPS, don’t forget to add a compass and map as well.

Do Some Exercising

This particularly refers to those who’ve never done it before, yet aren’t in the best shape. It can be literally any form of physical activity, something you generally enjoy doing. This is something that’s going to improve your stamina and properly prepare you for this venture.

Another thing that you can do is to join a walking group. This isn’t only beneficial for your physical health only, but it will also give you the chance to meet other people who share the same values and passion as you.

Pick A Hike For Beginners (If You Are A Beginner)

This section refers to those who are inexperienced when it comes to hiking. One of the biggest mistakes they do is to overdo it. Namely, they have a tendency to choose a hike that either has a lot of climbing or is too long, which is a huge mistake.

Since you’re a beginner, the best thing that you can do is to select a hike that doesn’t have lots of climbing and is under five miles. On the other hand, if you’re yearning to have a more demanding hike, then at least what you can do is develop a training plan upfront. Do the extra mile every week just to prepare yourself the right way for these more difficult hikes.

How Much Time Are You Going To Need?

Don’t forget that you’re supposed to jot down the length of the hike, along with the total elevation gain so that you can determine how much time is going to take for you to finish the hike.

If you’re still unsure about it, then just bear in mind that an average person usually hikes at a pace of approximately 2.5 to 3 MPH and for every 1,000ft of elevation gain, you will have to add around one hour of hiking time. 

Of course, all of these things depend mostly on the pack weight, whether you’re in good shape or not, trail conditions, and altitude.

 Did You Forget About Permit?

Namely, some hikes (in popular regions) require an advanced permit. If you want to know whether yours needs one too, then consult Google by entering the name of the trail + permits.

Even though you will most likely be dealing with bugs, bruises, etc. the truth is, hiking is one of the most exciting things in the world. But you won’t be able to fully enjoy it if you don’t follow at least one of these tips above.

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