10 Perks of Being an ACT/NT Firefighter

Firefighter comes with a lot of perks and downside. But when you think about the perks outweighs the downside. There is nothing that trumps saving lives and effecting positive change in the community. In a moment, we will walk you through why you should become an ACT/NT firefighter. Let’s get down to it. Shall we? 

Being a Firefighter Is Quite Reputable

Firefighting is one of the professions that has a great public perception. When people see a Firefighter in the community in his uniform, they see a hero. Someone that can come to their aid in times of need. They are seen by many as heroes. Become a firefighter makes people feel like they can trust you.

An Attractive and Purposeful Lifestyle

Apart from being heros to the members of the community. The lifestyle of a Firefighter can be considered attractive and purposeful to those that do not mind doing shift jobs. Also, you get 4 days off work and about 9 weeks leave. Don’t get me started with other kinds of lifestyle benefits.

Although it doesn’t seem like it, the profession allows you to spend time with your family and loved ones. You get to go on trips and other desirable places. In a nutshell, being an ACT/NT Firefighter comes with perks other 9 to 5 jobs can’t afford to offer you.

Here Lies Job Satisfaction

Ordinarily, being able to effect positive change in a community is fulfilling to most. If you ask most professional Firefighters out there, they will gladly tell you that they love their jobs. And when digging further, you will realize that the satisfaction of their jobs comes from a good working condition, environment, and working as a team for the betterment of the fire service. To people that find satisfaction to serve and protect, this might be a perfect fit for you. 

Payment and Good Working Condition

Being a Firefighter will probably never make you rich. But the Australian employment conditions are good and secure. On the job, you stand a chance to earn between 70k to 150k. The pay range will be determined by qualification, experience, rank, and other criteria.

Furthermore, being a Firefighter comes with good working conditions. There is a 9 week leave and 4 days off the job. You also get to be traveling and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Saving Lives and Properties

Although fire disaster are undesirable. But the truth is they always happen. If it’s not a wildfire. It’s probably a gas leak or arson. Firefighters handle emergencies and they are often one call away in time of distress. As mentioned earlier, firefighters earn a decent amount per annum. It’s more than that for some people. The job comes with putting one’s life at risk while helping people in their time of distress and emergencies. There are people that find thrills in serving and protecting. If that is your case you might consider being a firefighter.

Maintaining Physical Fitness

Rescue and fire fighting missions demand lots of strength and stamina. Being a Fighter requires wearing heavy equipment, running, and other exercise that revolves around swift actions. Are you looking for something that will keep physically fit and agile? Then this might be a right fit for you.  

Team Building

Fire fighting is an ideal career for those that are big advocates of teamwork. The success of every mission and rescue depends on how well the team is coordinated. Other than that, you tend to develop a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

Personal and Career Development

Being a Firefighter comes with flexibility. It can also shape your perspective on life, safety, emergencies, and many more. It can help you to become a better version of yourself. 

Job Security

Fire fighting cases happen every time. The profession of being a firefighter can never go extinct. The services of fire service will always be required. Apart from that, being a firefighter extends beyond extinguishing fires. They respond to other emergencies like chemical accidents, auto accidents, injuries, and other scenarios that require the service of trained emergency first responders. 

Nurture Transferable Skills

Over the course of time, you will develop transferable skills while you are a firefighter. These skills will be helpful when you decide to make a change in your career. Skills like life saving and prevention of injuries might help someone close to you later in the future. Some other transferable skills include communication, critical thinking, empathy, and management of time.