11 Free TikTok Video Ideas that works in 2022

TikTok is a well-known social media platform for sharing short videos. It is well-known for its amusing lip-syncing videos. Teenagers are particularly fond of the platform.

It’s difficult to produce interesting, entertaining content for TikTok. Finding content to film and publish on TikTok can be intimidating even though the process is fairly straightforward.

In this blog post, you’ll find 11 easy TikTok ideas you can use for your brand or business today:

Top 11 TikTok Video Ideas to Get More Followers

1- Short Tutorials

Do you have any talents? Have any hobbies that deserve to go viral? Then, one of the best TikTok video ideas to gain more followers and show off your abilities is to make a tutorial.

Tutorials, which are widely accepted on all social media platforms, are your best bet for increasing user retention and maintaining their interest. You can point very effectively if you can complete the process in under 60 seconds, in particular.

Do something original; skip the voiceovers. Allow the video to speak for itself so you can add a memorable sound effect to further engage your audience.

2- How-to Videos

Don’t have the time for a thorough tutorial? Create a quick how-to video and impart knowledge to your audience and potential clients that they might not already know. Practically anything can be the subject of a how-to video. You could even create a TikTok video discussing how to increase your following, likes, or sales. There are countless options!

3- Social Media Challenges

We can assume that the majority of people are aware of popular social media challenges like the Ice Bucket Challenge. These contests frequently cross platforms and become popular.

As a result, if increasing your following is your primary objective, you should take part in trending challenges and upload your videos to TikTok. You can also start your own challenge with a branded hashtag if you want to go one step further and hope that it gains traction.

4- Create a Duet/Stitch

You can work with other users using the Duet and Stitch features in the TikTok effects menu.

Stitch enables you to clip and edit a recording in response to an existing TikTok video, whereas the Duet effect splits the screen.

5- Daily Routine

To stand out from the crowd and win the love of your followers, your TikTok video ideas shouldn’t be overly extravagant or exaggerated. It will do if you let them into your personal life and provide them with details about your daily habits, routines, and activities.

Give people a brief and charming glimpse into your daily life, whether it be regarding your morning routine, wellness, makeup, productivity, or any other aspect of your routine. Your admirers will feel closer to you and more connected if you do this.

Keep it straightforward, enjoyable, and inspiring so they can relate to you and draw inspiration from you. Additionally, they can constantly learn something new to keep themselves interested.

6- Try a Recipe

Share a recipe to get in touch with the vast community of cooks in the TikTokaverse. Everyone needs to eat, right? Even if your brand doesn’t specialize in food products or kitchen-related businesses. 

It’s all about giving followers value, baby, so if you’re a fashion brand, perhaps someone can wear a sweatshirt from your newest line while they prepare some ceviche.

7- Lip Synching

Undoubtedly, one of the most common types of TikTok videos is the lip-syncing variety. Funny sound clips are frequently repurposed by users by lip-syncing to the audio and adding captions to the video to alter the context to fit their voice or channel.

8- Celebrate your Following

After reaching a milestone of followers, let’s say 10,000 followers make a video thanking your followers, these videos tend to drive the most engagement.

Bonus: Some people use a TikTok counter, which simply updates your followers in real-time; all you have to do is capture the moment you pass the milestone and make a video about it to make editing and video production easier.

9- Dance Videos

Dance videos are possibly the most popular TikTok video ideas. Good dance routines almost always go viral and are searched on the accounts of influencers and content creators.

Dance video producers use them to show off their moves and talent for dancing, or to participate in a challenge centered on a single track.

There are no special rules or techniques for making an appealing dance video. Add a cool song and just have fun. Make it interesting and exciting to watch.

10- Vlog

There is nothing wrong with updating your TikTok followers and customers on what is going on in your business. Create a vlog on TikTok using your smartphone to chronicle company events, business trips, and a typical day at the office.

11- Satisfying Videos

Internet videos that portray repeated events or actions that viewers find pleasing are known as oddly satisfying videos.

In these kinds of videos, viewers may find something that seems unremarkable or strange to be strangely calming. These videos are very well-liked on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media sites.


Finding success on TikTok depends greatly on posting original content there. However, your marketing strategy must go further than simply uploading your best work if you want to create enduring engagement and a following of ardent fans.

These are a few motivational concepts that you can take into account when creating engaging content for your TikTok subscribers. Don’t stop at the idea that creativity knows no limits. Try out various looks; you might come up with something original that makes you famous on this well-liked social media site.