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Small Laude is a well-known figure in the socialite, businesswoman, and internet video blogging communities in the Philippines. In today’s modern period, when talents and businesses are blooming through multiple social media platforms, the most popular social media platform is vlogging, which involves chronicling your lifestyle and generating content out of it. Vlogging is also one of the most popular ways to create content.

Wiki Summary

NameSmall Laude
Age55 years
Date of BirthJune 17th, 1968
ProfessionEntrepreneur, YouTuber, and Social media star
Net Worth$5 – $10 million
Height5 feet 5 inches


Small Laude, who is known for her work in the fashion industry and also as a socialite, vlogger, and entrepreneur, has never disclosed her place of birth or her educational background. On June 17, the lovely lady will be surrounded by her loved ones and friends as she celebrates her birthday. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Kind, affectionate, curious, versatile, easily adaptable, and open to sharing and receiving new ideas. The video blogger and the rest of her family make their home in a six-story Philippine palace constructed by Ed Calma (June 2021).

There is no information available regarding her education. Small claimed that her time spent in high school was the most formative and enjoyable of her entire life, and that she wishes she could do it all over again. Laude is characterized by having brown eyes and brown hair that is cut short (her original hair color is black, which she dyed light brown). Laude is a video blogger who contributes to the success of her business partner, her husband.


Her daily existence is uploaded to YouTube and Instagram for the world to see. Small had never given the idea of starting a YouTube channel serious consideration. She was raised in a household with a strong reputation and was married to a successful entrepreneur. At the past, she worked with her husband in the company’s office. In the past, Small Laude has mentioned in an interview that there are occasions when she questions whether or not there is anything more she might be doing except assisting her husband in the workplace.

After that, Small got in touch with her best friend, Karen Davila, to let her know about the issue. When Small asked Karen about the possibility of starting a video blog, Karen responded, “Why not give it a try?” The concept had an emotional impact on Small Laude, and as a result, she chose to document the journey that she took to the United States. She filmed everything that was happening there and then had another person edit the footage.

The completed work was fantastic, and as a result, it made Small pleased and motivated him to post it. This event served as the starting point for Small’s career as a video blogger.

Small launched her own personal YouTube channel on February 5, 2013, but she didn’t make her debut until August 17, 2019, when she posted the vlog titled “My 1st Ever Vlog: Day 1 in Los Angeles.” As of June 2021, the video has gotten 0.19 million views and has 0.15 million followers.


Small Laude is a woman who is loyal to her family and who is honest. The wedding took place on October 31st, 1993, between Small Laude and Paul Laude. On October 31, 2020, in honor of her 27th wedding anniversary, Small published a video on YouTube depicting the festivities that took place during her 25th wedding anniversary.

Philip Laude, who was born on August 30th, is the heir apparent to Candyman, the confectionery conglomerate that is responsible for such brands of candy as Kendi Mint, White Rabbit, Orange Kist, and Viva. A third party who knew both Philip and Small well stepped in to make the introduction. The pair has a number of acquaintances who are both very affluent and well-known in their own fields, such as Vicki Belo, the Barretto Family, and others. The couple currently has a family consisting of four children. Pj Laude, who was born on October 19, is their oldest son, followed by Timothy Laude, who was born on March 8, Michael Laude, and Allison Laude. Their daughter is named Allison Laude (born on 13 January).

Chinadoll is the nickname that Small has given to her daughter. The family resides in an extravagant estate in Beverly Hills that is surrounded by a landscape that is both gorgeous and meticulously maintained. It features two elevators and is outfitted with Italian furniture such as a sofa designed by Minotti, a console designed by Rimadesio, a coffee table designed by Fendi, and Poltrona Fau stools.

Height and Weight

She is 165 centimeters tall (about 5 feet and 5 inches) in height. On the other hand, she weighs anywhere between 57 and 60 kilograms, according to certain sources.
Both of her eyes, which are a wonderful shade of dark brown, and her hair, which is a stunning shade of blonde, contribute to her overall attractiveness and beauty.

Net Worth

It has been stated that her current net worth is between the range of $5 million and $10 million at the present time.

Age and Date of Birth

She has never divulged her place of birth, or her educational background to anyone. 17th June, 1968 is her date of birth. On the other hand, she celebrates her birthday on June 17 each year, she will be 55 years old on 17th of June this year. Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Small Laude FAQ

How old is Small Laude?

Her age now is 55 years.

Which years was Small Laude born?

She was born on 17 June, 1968.

Where was Small Laude born?

She was born in Philippine.

What is the nationality of Small Laude?

She is a Filipino by nationality.

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