5 Reasons Why Young Adults Love Idaho

Ruby McKenzie
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The term ‘young adults’ is a somewhat tricky one. Mostly because no one can really agree on who it should apply to. The general consensus is that it is definitely only applicable to people past their teenage phase. However, some number eighteen and nineteen year old among young adults anyway. And then stretch the upper limit to the ages of twenty seven or twenty eight. Meanwhile, others claim that young adults are those of ages between twenty two and twenty six. In other words, the age when a person has finished their education and is looking for their first ‘serious’ job. Whatever the case may be, there is one fact that remains: Idaho is very appealing to young adults. Why? Well, let’s take a look at the 5 reasons why young adults love Idaho to answer this question!

Chasing their careers

No matter how you define ‘young adults’, it must be emphasized that one of the reasons why young adults love Idaho is because of how good it is for their careers. First, there is, of course, the job market. If they opt for the jobs that are in high demand, they will most definitely be able to find a job in Idaho. Even if they choose less ‘popular’ career paths, however, their chance still exists. Idaho has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the US. At the same time, several cities in Idaho are constantly growing and opening up new employment opportunities. If we take a step back, and return to the period of when young adults are still getting an education, Idaho is helpful here, too. There’s lots of amazing schooling opportunities in Idaho that will more than adequately prepare them for their desired careers.

Affordable living

Another of the reasons why young adults love Idaho is just how cheap it is to live here. Idaho is cheaper than almost every other state, in almost every category. Groceries? Cheaper. Cost of transportation? Cheaper. Health care? Cheaper. Utilities, average cost of services and amenities, etc. all follow the same pattern. This means that not only is it cheaper to fund your everyday expenses, but spending such as organizing a long distance move and hiring movers for a simple transfer within the state or something more expensive are cheaper, too. The one ‘disadvantage’ of Idaho is the cost of purchasing a home. Which is, admittedly, somewhat higher than the average for the US. However, this one disadvantage is a one-time payment which, compared to cheaper everyday living, is not that much an issue. Young adults tend to prefer renting, anyway, which works out in their favor here.

Beautiful recreation

There is one thing no one can deny about Idaho: the state is breathtaking. The Twin Falls, Sawtooth Mountains, Shoshone Falls, and many other natural wonders of the state will keep you exploring for hours without getting tired of the scenery. And that’s without even mentioning the beautiful cities such as Coeur d’Alene, which are more than worth visiting. On top of all this, the state has a promising and well developed nightlife, with major cities like Boise providing lots of engaging activities and events to keep young adults in love with Idaho. Of course, in order to enjoy all of this, it might be necessary to look into factors to consider when buying a car and then get one to really take advantage of mobility and open up the possibility of weekend outings. But there’s more than enough options for exploration available even if you don’t own one!

Amazing weather

If there’s one thing best paired with a young adult’s love of outings and being active, then it’s fair weather. And Idaho has that in spades. The best thing about the state, however, is that it has all the four seasons. Expressed properly! There is something here for just about everyone to enjoy. Summers tend to be warm and dry, but not overwhelmingly so. Fall livens up the colors of the state and really brings out its beauty on nature walks. Winter brings the possibility of snow and appropriately cold weather, but, again, the temperatures don’t get too bad. And, finally, spring is the time of temperate weather and plenty of refreshing showers. In other words, there really is nothing to complain about, and every season gets the opportunity to show off its charms. Especially charming are the winter snowfalls, since Christmas and New Year without snow would be depressing!

Slower lifestyle

It might sound surprising that one of the reasons why young adults love Idaho is the slower lifestyle of the state. Still, it is without a doubt true. Even the major cities in Idaho tend to be less hectic and overwhelming than in other states. And while young adults will always feel the urge to keep up with the newest and most interesting news, more and more of them opt for quieter and more private lifestyles. This is likely at least in part an effect of the recent pandemic. But, even before that whole mess, the trend was definitely showing. In addition to this, it helps that Idaho is known as a state with very low crime rates and very few major crimes. The safety the state can afford is a significant advantage. Which, naturally, makes Idaho even more appealing in the eyes of the younger generations.

Final comment

Now that you’ve gone through our list of the 5 reasons why young adults love Idaho, you should understand better why this is the case. In simple terms, the state provides them with everything they could possibly want or need. There are amazing schooling and employment opportunities that let them follow their chosen career paths. They can freely relax and enjoy a slower and more leisurely lifestyle. And, they have easy access to as many urban and more ‘rural’ activities as they desire. All while under near perfect weather conditions which would not prevent them from pursuing their interests. It is harder to come up with reasons why young adults would dislike the state rather than explain all the reasons why young adults love Idaho!

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