5 Tips For choosing the Best Outfit To Wear at festivals

Summer musical festival season is finally here, which means it’s time for you to revamp your festival wardrobe! With new trends taking over in 2022, there are a ton of fun new styles to try that’ll be sure to have you on the best dressed list of any festival fairground. So, get ready to soak up the sun, some good music, and dive into our style tips for choosing the best festival clothing

Booty Shorts are Your Best Friend

With temps often pushing above 80 at summer musical festivals (we don’t even wanna see what the weather is in Coachella Valley right now, all we can say is *fire emoji*), you’re going to want your outfit to be super cute while keeping you cool. Booty shorts let your legs feel the breeze, and are a versatile bottom to pair with all your favorite festival tops. Additionally, you can choose the kind of booty shorts that suit your style best. For instance, if you want to show a little leg, but still want to cover your cheeks, you can opt for a higher coverage booty short option. Or, if you feel like a little booty never hurt anybody, you can choose to wear a thong booty short option and strut your stuff. Find a pair with a fun pattern or layer them with a fun and breezy mesh skirt to be the booty short belle of the ball at any festival you attend. 

Quality Fabric with Great Style

You see, even if you want to go in with whatever style of your choice, try to never go wrong with the fabric quality. People nowadays pay much attention to details and quality. To have all these settled so that, you can stand out, you will need to source quality fashion brands from reputable places like Nihal Fashions where they have already taken care of quality and styles, and all you will need to choose which one best fits you.

Psychedelic Style

The sixties are back, baby! Step onto the festival fairgrounds looking like you just stepped out of a time machine by choosing an outfit with a psychedelic sixties-inspired print. You’ll look absolutely adorable in a daisy print crop top, or make waves with a totally groovy lava lamp mesh-patterned matching set. If you want to accessorize sixties-style, you can layer a pair of mesh bell bottoms over your go-to booty shorts. Add a pair of peace sign earrings and some fuzzy hair scrunchies, and you’ll be looking like a vintage dream! 

Yee, and Dare We Say, Haw

A summer music festival is the perfect excuse to bust out your cowgirl boots and put together a stunning western-insprired look. Two-step in a perfectly paired two-piece set that includes a fringe lined crop top and booty shorts that’ll have everyone you pass tipping their hats to you. If you want a more modern western-inspried look, you could opt for a pair of cheek-showing faux leather chaps. Whatever you decide, the summer festival season is telling you to embrace your inner yeehaw. 

Light It Up in a Holographic Look

If you really want to stand out at the festival that you’re attending, try an outfit with holographic fabric. Holographic fabrics change color as they’re exposed to light, so you’ll have an ever changing, but always stylish look. There are lots of options to choose from when picking a holo outfit. If you’re a fan of two piece sets, get a holo bikini top and pair it with a flirty and fun holo mini skater skirt. You’ll be the life (and the light) of the party no matter what!

Strut it Out in Stylish Shoes

A top tip for festival fashion: don’t forget to grab a perfect pair of shoes to complete your look. When you’re going to a festival, you want to choose footwear that you’ll be comfortable standing in for long periods of time. But having proper support for your feet doesn’t have to be unfashionable! We recommend finding a pair of comfy combat boots to match with your look; they’re shoes that make a statement, while saving you the trouble of aching arches later. If you’re looking for a way to get a boost of height with your festival shoes, leave the heels at home and opt for a pair of platform boots instead. If you’re a sneaker fan, that’s totally cool too: go for a pair with an exciting color or print to make a lasting impression on your fellow festival goers. There are also plenty of platform sneaker options as well, so you can get the height of a heel or boot while keeping things casual. 

When choosing the best outfit to wear to music festivals this season, it’s great to go out of the box and try patterns and pieces you wouldn’t normally wear. For a vintage-inspired look, try a sixties style dress. Or, embrace your inner cowgirl and try a fringe-lined matching set that’ll be sure to lasso you the award for best look. You can also try exciting holographic fabrics that change color with the light for a festival fit that will bring the sparkle. Of course, any great outfit needs a great pair of shoes to go with it, so don’t forget to consider comfortable but cute footwear. What are you planning on wearing to festivals this season?