5 Tips to Help you Bet on Sports as a Beginner

In the recent past, sports betting has risen from the shadows and into the mainstream. In different jurisdictions, sports betting is now legal and millions of sports enthusiasts are increasingly showing interest to join the betting market. However, if you’re a beginner, it’s probable you don’t know where to begin. Therefore, here’re are some tips to help wager on sports as a beginner.

1. Favorites versus underdogs

When bookmakers release a wagering line on a game, the first thing they often do is to decide on the team they think is the favorite and the one perceived as the underdog. In other words, the favorite team refers to the one that is most likely to with online game, while the underdog is forecasted to lose. The team expected to win is allotted a minus sign adjacent to its odds, and the team anticipated to lose is allocated a plus sign.

2. How to place a wager

After knowing what each bet means, the next thing is to learn how to place a bet. Most betting sites have endeavored to make it easier for bettors to navigate their desired game as well as bet type:

  • click the “bet cell”
  • The bet will then populate your bet slip
  • Enter your bet amount
  • Submit the bet

3. Where to place your wager

There are many reputable online gambling sites that you may consider when planning to partake in sports betting. Moreover, prior to signing up at an online casino, you should endeavor to verify if the is licensed to operate within your jurisdiction.

4. How much to bet

It’s upon you as a gambler to make a final decision on the amount you want to risk in a game. Nonetheless, a good rule is to risk only an amount that you feel you can afford to lose. In essence, you should bear in mind that sports gambling is a marathon, rather than a sprint. In other words, you’ll probably have good days as well as bad days. As such, it’s advisable to embrace a flat-wagering approach. For instance, if you have $100 to play with, you shouldn’t wager more than $5 per game.

When you apply a flat-gambling approach, you’ll be able to protect yourself against:

  • Losing the entire amount during a bad stretch
  • Set yourself up for a positive ROI (return on investment), especially if your bets are doing well

5. Parlays

A parlay denotes a bet type in which two or more wagers are fused to generate one bet with a sizeable payout. However, all your bets must win. So, rather than wagering, for instance, $10 each on three games, you may opt to make one $10 wager to earn more in the event that all three teams win. The payouts may vary depending on the number of bets you place as well as the price of each bet. Most sports books are also now offering the same game parlay, a feature that allows bettors to parlay different bets from the same game, with the interconnection of each event priced in. This feature is more popular in standalone games such as NFL and NBA.


As a beginner, you may not know how to place a bet on your favorite sport. Fortunately, the above tips can help you start your journey as a sports gambler on reputable online gambling sites such as fun88.