The Evolution of Golf Equipment


Golf has experienced tons of transformation over the years, particularly in its equipment. Today I’m going to explore the evolution of golf equipment and mainly look into the technological advancements that have come since its nearly ancient origins to today.

Original Golf Clubs and Balls

Golf first started in 15th-century Scotland, where it was played with pretty basic equipment. Golf were called “featheries” and were made from leather with feathers stuffed inside. These balls were expensive and brittle, often getting filled up with water and sometimes falling apart. Golf clubs were made from wood, including the shaft and head. This greatly reduced distance and limited ball control

19th-century growth

The 19th century was a pivotal point with the invention of the “guttie” ball. These were made from a type of tree sap and were much cheaper and more durable. The guttie also led to the creation of clubs with iron heads, giving golfers more control and durability in their clubs as well.

This was a crucial period for making golf more accessible and popular and truly paved the way for more innovations in the 20th century

Continued growth

The early 1900’s saw more big changes with the creation of of the rubber-core ball. This ball was often known as the “Haskell ball” and used used rubber threads around a solid or liquid core. This drastically improved the ball’s distance and durability. At the same time, hickory shafts became commonly used for golf clubs. Eventually, these were replaced again with steel shafts.

After World War II, the evolution of golf equipment continued. Synthetic materials became popular, including graphite shafts. These shafts were lighter and more flexible than steel, which helped some golfers swing faster


Today, the ability to customize your equipment has become a critical aspect to modern clubs and tools. They’re designed with advanced materials and precise measurements to match your specific needs and physical attributes. 

Adjustable drivers are commonplace, where loft and weight can be easily moved around by the player. Same with golf ball options. Players can decide if they want more or less spin, softness, distance, etc.

Tech has also left its mark on golf equipment. Complex simulators and swing analyzers give players a new understanding of their game. This helps them be much more informed in their decisions both on and off the course


The evolution of golf equipment has been a sight to see, from using handcrafted tools to sophisticated, tech-driven components. This shows advancements in both materials and engineering. Golfers now have a much deeper understanding of the physics of the game. 

This has made the game more accessible, enjoyable, and competitive. Players of all skill levels can join in. As technology continues to advance, golf equipment will follow and keep bringing us greater possibilities

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