About us

1. ScopeNew is a platform basically for news, We find breaking news across all credible news platforms and publish them here for our valuable visitors which really makes it easy for users to find all needed news at one point.

2. We also give great voice to  Users/Citizens/The vulnerable/ The Voiceless  to shine light on problems themselves.

          This can be done by;

           a. Click on More Button and Next Click on Sign Up Button

           b. Click on Publish Button and Next Click on News It     

           C. Now you can fill in the form that appears by:

                   I.  Select the news type.

                   II.  Give a title to the news type.

                   III. Give details of the news by writing all you can say about it.

                   IV.  Upload image/images if there is any.

                    V.   Finally click on publish.    


3. Bloggers can also drive traffic from ScopeNew to their website by;

                  I.  Signing Up as a user

                  II. Publishing Authentic News on ScopeNew and Ad a link to their website in the News they publish.



Note: ScopeNew Team always check the activities on ScopeNew and prohibits the following;

          I.  Fake News.

          II. Profane Posts



For any Inquiry you can contact us:

You can email us on  [email protected]