Advantages of Electric Scooter GPS Navigation Systems

Ruby McKenzie
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Electric scooters have become immensely popular in India thanks to their affordable prices, low running costs, and eco-friendliness. However, navigating Indian roads on a scooter can be challenging, especially in congested cities where remembering routes is difficult. This is where electric scooter GPS navigation systems come in handy.

In this blog, we will discuss how electric scooter GPS systems work and their usefulness in making intra-city commutes easier.

How do Electric Scooter GPS Tracking Systems Work?

An electric scooter GPS tracking system comprises a small GPS device fitted onto the vehicle that continually communicates with orbiting satellites to pinpoint the vehicle’s exact real-time location, speed, direction of travel, etc.

This data is relayed via cellular networks to a web-based application managed by the vehicle owner or a third-party tracking services provider. By accessing this application on Internet-enabled smartphones, tablets, or computers, the vehicle’s movement can be monitored remotely.

GPS tracking apps offer user-friendly map interfaces depicting pinned locations of all vehicles installed with trackers. So, at a glance, the GPS helps:

  • Locate your electric scooter if you forget where you parked
  • Detect unauthorised use if the vehicle moves when not in use
  • View live status – location, distance travelled, stoppages, etc
  • Receive overspeeding alerts if the scooter crosses set speed limits
  • Keep a tab on travel history with date/time stamps

This ability to precisely track locations and routes in real-time using GPS makes it invaluable for electric two wheeler scooter owners in India.

Features of GPS Tracking in Electric Scooters

Some useful features that GPS devices tailored for electric scooters offer are:

Traffic Avoidance

GPS navigation helps plan the shortest yet least congested routes by tapping into crowdsourced traffic data. This allows for optimising daily intra-city commutes by saving time and avoiding frustrating traffic jams.

Theft Recovery

GPS tracking aids the recovery of stolen vehicles. The moment unauthorised motion is detected, the owner is alerted via SMS/email. Location updates help track the scooter’s movements until it is immobilised and recovered.


Virtual geo-fences can be set for specific locations like housing societies, parking spots, workplaces, etc. Any non-compliance alerts the owner immediately for quick action.

Location Sharing

GPS tracking allows temporarily sharing live location with family when travelling alone at night for safety. Real-time location can be shared for the duration of a trip.

Tracking Parked Locations

Often, electric scooters parked in large parking lots become difficult to locate later. GPS apps provide navigation aids that guide the owner to the parked vehicle’s location quickly by analysing saved parking coordinates.

Fleet Management

Businesses with small electric scooter delivery fleets can invest in multi-vehicle GPS tracking solutions for automating logistics. Key metrics like trips completed, batteries drained, geofence breaches indicating unauthorised vehicular use, etc, help optimise fleet utilisations.


Affordable GPS vehicle tracking devices customised for electric scooters in India bring smarter mobility through features like real-time location monitoring, geo-fencing, parking spot marking, etc. Right from individual owners to small delivery businesses relying on electric scooters for last-mile logistics, GPS navigation capabilities make intra-city commuting safer. Precise data on geolocation, speed, distance travelled, and driving behaviour promotes informed decision-making while on the move.

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