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Alura Jenson is a household name in the adult entertainment industry. She is a former American porn star and adult model who was born on May 31, 1977 in Florence, Italy to US Army officers. She is a renowned porn star who joined the adult entertainment industry in 2011 when she was around 34 years and after 11 years of astonishing performances, she left the industry in 2022. Over the course of her career in the adult entertainment industry, she has generated an impressive portfolio of over 115 covers, 22 photosets and over 93 videos. She has also modelled for notable industry players such as Brazzers, Devils Film, Scoreland, FTV Films among others. Due to her age, she mostly portrayed the role of MILF, stepmom and hot wife. But the portrayal of her roles in her scenes does not reflect who she truly is. In this article, we will provide insight into the life of Alura Jenson.

Alura Jenson Wiki/Bio

Elizabeth Marie Spraggins, popularly known as Alura Jenson, is a former American porn star and adult model who was born on May 31, 1977 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy to US army officers who were stationed there. Her family returned to the United States after she was born and settled at a small town in New Jersey not far away from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After graduating from high school and turning a legal age, she followed in her parent’s footsteps and joined the US Army and worked for a decade as a physical rehabilitation specialist for the US Navy and Army. Whilst in the army, she met her first husband and birthed her first two children. She eventually divorced her husband and wanted to explore her sexual appetite. She was then discharged from the army on dishonorable grounds. In 2010, she eventually moved to Las Vegas where she worked as a stripper at the Palomino club. Her sexual desires could not be satisfied enough so she eventually joined the mainstream adult entertainment industry in 2011 as she wanted to do something bigger and safer. On December 20, 2011, Alura Jenson shot her first hardcore scene and due to her captivating performance, she gained recognition and popularity among fans. Over the course of her career, she worked with notable adult entertainment companies such as Brazzers, Devils Film, Scoreland, FTV Films among others and has generated an impressive portfolio of over 93 videos, 115 covers and 22 photosets. She has also won notable achievements such as MILF of the month in January 2020. However, in 2022, after 11 years of astonishing and exhilarating performances, Alura Jenson brought her career to a halt. She is currently pursuing other endeavors.

Alura Jenson’s age

Alura Jenson was born on May 31, 1977 and she is currently 47 years of age as of 2024. She is a Gemini and as a true embodiment of her birth sign, she is extroverted, clever, and flexible. Her birthday, which falls on May 31st  every year is a remarkable occasion for Alura Jenson and her loved ones as they get together and celebrate her.

Alura Jenson’s ethnicity

Alura Jenson is an American woman who bears Caucasian ethnicity.

Parents & Siblings

She has not provided much information with regards to her family. There is scarce information on her parents and she has not discussed her siblings. Her decision reflects her commitment to maintain a boundary between her public persona and her family matters. However, it is known that her parents were US Army officers who were stationed at Florence, Italy.

Alura Jenson’s husband

Alura Jenson married her first husband whist at the US Army barracks in Italy at the age of 18. She however divorced her husband in 2010. Currently, Alura Jenson is very discreet when it comes to her personal and private matters and as such, she has not made any information regarding her love life privy to the public. She has never shared any information with regards to who she is currently romantically-attached to.

Alura Jenson children

Alura Jenson is blessed with an older daughter and two teenage sons. She had her first two children with her first husband and later had the third child with another husband of hers. She is also blessed with a grandchild from her daughter. Her children are well-aware of her profession as a porn star and supported her thoroughly throughout her career.

How tall is Alura Jenson? Height & Weight

Alura Jenson stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches (172 centimeters) tall and has a body weight of 75 kilograms (165 pounds). Her height and weight contribute to her having a chubby, yet voluptuous body type.

Physical Features

Alura Jenson is a beautiful woman whose beauty defies her age. Her beauty is highlighted by her luscious blonde hair and her mesmerizing blue eyes. She adores her natural skin and has adorned herself with any artistic embellishments.

Body measurements

She is a voluptuous and hot woman, whose stature is both sophisticated and captivating and as such, she has an amazing body figure which is highlighted by 42-30-45 body dimensions.

Bra size

Alura Jenson is busty woman who covers her gigantic breasts with a size 42H bra.

Are Alura Jenson’s breasts real?

Alura Jenson has undergone several breast implants and at one time, she even crashed her breast implants whilst being aggressive with her partner during sex. Her breasts, are therefore not real.

Alura Jenson’s Instagram

Alura Jenson is active on Instagram where she holds the account “alurajenson. Due to her provocative and eye-catching photos, she has amassed a massive following of 1.9 million followers.

Is Alura Jenson on OnlyFans?

Despite her retirement from the traditional adult entertainment industry, Alura Jenson is active on OnlyFans where she interacts and shares her exclusive contents with her subscribers. She goes by the account name “alurajenson2011”. She charges a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 per month for subscribers to access her exclusive contents.

Alura Jenson’s car collection

Alura Jenson is a successful woman who, according to close sources, has a significant number of cars in her garage However, she has not exhibited much of her car collections to world. She does not like to flaunt her material possessions. We will update you as soon as she provides any picture or model of her automobile collection.

Alura Jenson’s net worth

Alura Jenson has an attained an impressive success in the adult entertainment scenes and such, she has an estimated net worth of $5 million to show for it. Her net worth reflects her hard work, her determination and her dedication to her craft.


Name / UsernameAlura Jenson
Place of birthFlorence, Italy
Date of Birth31st May, 1977
Weight165 lbs (75 kg)
Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
PH Views104M
Net worth$5 million
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