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Emilia Bunny is a talented X-rated star who was born on February 15th, 2002, in Russia. When she turned 18, she decided to give the adult industry a try in 2020, and she quickly caught the attention of many. With her ambition and a desire to explore her sexuality in a safe and empowering way, Emilia Bunny became a rising star. Her amazing performances, along with her natural beauty and sensuality, have gained her a loyal fanbase. Emilia Bunny has created an impressive collection of over 120 adult videos, showcasing her versatility and willingness to explore different fantasies and desires. Her fans can expect a diverse and thrilling range of content.

To make sure lots of people can see her content, Emilia Bunny has put her videos on popular adult platforms like Pornhub (PH) and OnlyFans. These platforms are a safe and easy way for adult performers to connect with their fans and show off their work. Emilia Bunny’s success in the adult industry shows how hardworking, talented, and business-savvy she is. She’s found her own special place and has a group of dedicated fans thanks to her unique appeal and confidence in her sexuality.

Wikipedia of Emilia Bunny

Name / UsernameEmiliaBunny
Other nickname Emilia Bunny xxx
Date of Birth15th February, 2002
Age22 years
Height5′ 8″ (172cm)
PH Views88 million
Net wort$700,000
Wiki Summary of EmiliaBunny

Physical Appearance

What is her ethnicityWhite
What is her height in Inches?5ft 8in
What is her height in Centimeters?172 cm
What is her hair Color?Brown
What is her eye Color?Brown
Does she have a piercing?No
Does she have a tattoo?No

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EmiliaBunny Pics

Emilia Bunny sexy picture
EmiliaBunny Photo

EmiliaBunny Facial

Facial picture of Emilia Bunny
EmiliaBunny Facial

What is the date of birth and age of EmiliaBunny?

Emilia Bunny was born on the 15th of February in the year 2002. Presently, she is 22 years of age and belongs to the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Aquarius individuals are recognized for their self-reliant and forward-thinking disposition, alongside their inclination toward groundbreaking ideas and imaginative endeavors.

What is the verified social media account of EmiliaBunny?

Tik TokN/A

Where is EmiliaBunny from and what is her nationality?

EmiliaBunny birthplace is Russia, and her nationality is Russian.

What is the net worth of EmiliaBunny?

EmiliaBunny net worth is $700,000.

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Emilia Bunny stays dedicated to creating awesome content that celebrates sexuality in a consensual and respectful way. Her journey in the adult industry is a total inspiration for lots of up-and-coming performers, showing that with passion and determination, you can totally make a kickass and fulfilling career.

How old is EmiliaBunny?

EmiliaBunny is 21 years old at the time of writing.

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