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Planesgirl, born on May 25th, 1999, in the UK, is making waves in the adult entertainment world. With her captivating shows and go-getter attitude, she’s already building quite a reputation. Planesgirl’s venture into this industry started when she saw the potential for financial success. Realizing she could embrace her sexuality and make a living at the same time, she took the plunge and joined the adult industry together with her boyfriend.

Planesgirl bio / wiki

Ever since she started her career as an adult content creator, Planesgirl has built an impressive portfolio. She’s got over 70 adult videos under her belt, showing off her skills and versatility in different genres. You can find her performances on top adult platforms like Xhamster, where she’s got a dedicated fanbase. What’s cool is that her stage name, “Planesgirl,” actually has a special meaning for her. It’s a play on her boyfriend’s name, Plane, who’s been a big support in her life. This unique pseudonym adds a personal touch to her brand and makes her stand out from other performers in the industry.

Even though Planesgirl is pretty new to the adult entertainment scene, she’s already getting a lot of attention and people are loving her performances. She’s dedicated, talented, and has a real go-getter attitude, which is why she’s definitely on the rise. She’s always looking for new chances to grow and try new things as she builds her career. With her ambition and determination, she’s set on making a big impact in the industry and staying connected with her fans.

Quick Facts of Planesgirl.

Name / UsernamePlanesgirl
Date of Birth25th May, 1999
Age25 years
PH Views182M
Net wort$800,000
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Physical Appearance

What is her ethnicityAsian
What is her height in Inches?5ft 3in
What is her height in Centimeters?160 cm
What is her weight Kilograms?68 kg
What is her weight in Pounds?150 lbs
What is her hair Color?Black
What is her eye Color?Brown
Does she have a piercing?Yes
Does she have a tattoo?No

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What is the height and weight of Planesgirl?

Planesgirl is a curvaceous lady who stands at 5 feet 3 inches tall. Her height goes well with her figure and adds to her overall charm. She weighs around 68kg and carries herself confidently with a healthy body. Planesgirl’s notable features are her beautiful black hair and enchanting brown eyes. Her dark hair frames her face nicely, giving her a mysterious and alluring look. Along with her hair, her expressive brown eyes captivate people and draw them into her performances.

What is the age of Planesgirl?

Planesgirl, who was born on May 25th, 1999, always celebrates her birthday on this awesome date. She’s currently 25 years old and is a Gemini, known for being super lively, adaptable, and versatile. On her special day, she takes a moment to look back on the past year and celebrate all the cool things she’s accomplished. It’s a chance for her to appreciate how much she’s grown and all the big moments she’s had in both her personal and work life.

What is the verified social media account of Planesgirl?


Where is Planesgirl from and what is her nationality?

Planesgirl resided in the United Kingdom. She is believed to be a British.

Is Planesgirl Married of Single?

A lot of celebrities often have their relationship status hidden from the public. With a few search I conducted it was obvious that Planesgirl relationship status is taken. She have a boyfriend whose name is Plane.

What is the net worth of Planesgirl?

Planesgirl is quiet a wealthy. per the estimation we have made, even though her real net wort cannot be seen in the public domain. She has a net worth of $800,000.


Planesgirl’s adventure in the adult entertainment biz is all about her go-getter attitude, commitment, and unique stage name. Hailing from the UK, she’s built up quite the collection of videos that you can find on all the major adult platforms. With her ongoing journey, Planesgirl is set to make a big impact in the industry.

How Old is Planesgirl?

Planesgirl is at the moment at the age of 25 years old.

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