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The assistant athletics director of OU, Annie Hanson got herself in the hot topic for being discussed on Reddit following rumors of having extramarital affair with Lincoln Riley. In this article, we’re going to get into details about the speculations.

Annie Hanson, who happens to be an executive director of recruiting at OU, and Lincoln Riley the current head coach of USC Trojan however the two are speculated to be involved in a scandal and folks can’t keep calm about it on Reddit.

Is Annie Hanson and Lincoln Riley having affair?

There are discussions on Reddit that Annie Hanson and Lincoln Riley are having an affair however the two haven’t publicly addressed the speculations yet.

This came up after an insider of OU leaked the gossip on Reddit but the user deleted it however a source got a wing of the gossip which led to fans trying to figure out what the text is all about. The text insinuates that OU was firing Annie Hanson following the cheating scandal.

Well, it was later reported that Annie Hanson and her husband will be moving to USC as the team was said to be recruiting her and her husband as a football coach hence she would be following her.

Different views surfaced regarding the rumors about her affair with Lincoln Riley that it’s true hence people saw it as a weird decision for her husband to work for the same team.

Details of Annie Hanson and Lincoln Riley scandal

The scandal between the two got the attention of users on Reddit after a user posted a text message that an insider at OU sent the message but the credibility cant be specified.

The suspicion became wild as Annie Hanson refused to visit social media because there were no posts from her which made netizens’ curiosity shoot up but since they didn’t address the issue we cannot confirm if it is true or not.

What is Annie Hanson’s role in Oklahoma?

Annie Hanson is an executive recruiting director and assistant athletics director in Oklahoma Football

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